Re-Registering an Existing Student Organization

All existing student organizations are required to re-register annually.  The re-registration period opened in Engage on April 1, 2022 so that you can update your organization’s information. Below you will find the re-registration guidelines and information on the submission process.

Re-Registration for ALL* organizations will be April 1 – September 9, 2022.  Undergraduate student organizations wishing to participate in the Fall Activities Fair must submit their registration materials by June 15, 2022 in order to be eligible to participate.  Activities Fair registration is a separate process.  More information regarding the Fair will be sent to undergraduate organization Primary Contacts and Presidents in late June/early July.

*New student organizations that registered during the 2022 spring semester  will not need to re-register until Spring 2023.

Prior to Re-Registration Submission

  1. Read the Registration Guidelines.
  2. Secure a minimum of ten (10) currently enrolled Pitt students as members. You will need at least a president, a vice president, and a business manager. One person may not hold more than one officer position. Note: When updating your organization’s roster, any new members must be identified by their email address.
  3. Secure a full-time faculty or staff member at the University to serve as your advisor.  You will need to attach a signed the Advisor Acceptance Electronic Signature Form (uses the DocuSign system–no need to print it out!)
  4. Obtain your organization’s constitution and update as necessary following the Constitution Requirements. You may also look at the constitution template if needed!

How to Submit Your Re-Registration

Note: the person who re-registers the student organization will be designated as the Primary Contact* of the group.

  1. Go to the SORC website and click on the Organization Directory.
  2. Sign In to Engage with your Pitt username and password.
  3. Click on the name of your organization on the homepage of your site.
  4. Select the Manage Organization button at the upper-right corner of your organization’s page.
  5. Click on the Re-Register This Organization button on that page.
  6. Follow the steps and provide– updated roster, constitution, and advisor acceptance form.
  7. Submit your application.

After Re-Registration Submission

  1. For undergraduate AND graduate groups: the President AND the Business Manager of your organization are required to attend one of the mandatory training sessions. Information about the sessions are posted on our home page and on our SOLiD Tranings & Workshops page.
  2. Your re-registration application and constitution will go under review by the SORC office.
  3. If there are any problems with your application or constitution, we will contact you through the Engage messaging tool.  We will not be able to continue processing your application until all edits are completed.
  4. Once approved, the listed officers and advisor will receive a final confirmation email and have full access to your organization’s Engage site.

*Primary Contact Definition

The Primary Contact of your organization will be the only individual with access to re-register your organization, register to participate in the undergraduate Activities Fair, and will have his/her name and contact info listed as the main contact for your organization in the Student Organization Directory.



Registration Guidelines

Constitution Requirements

Constitution Template for Student Organizations

Advisor Acceptance Electronic Signature Form