Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate students contribute to an active campus life here at the University of Pittsburgh. There are many student groups where you can further explore your academic passion or cultural interests. Graduate organizations operate differently from undergraduate organizations. 

Graduate Organization Resources

The Graduate and Student Government (GPSG), located in 825 William Pitt Union, is the governing body of all Graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh. Graduate students pay into an activities fee each semester where 50% of that fee is distributed to GPSG for general graduate student programming and the remaining 50% is distributed to the governance organization of each student's specific school (i.e. a medical student in the School of Medicine will contribute 50% of their activity fee to GPSG and the other 50% to the School of Medicine Student Executive Council.) 

Any questions for GPSG can be directed to their email

Organization Funding Requests

Graduate student organizations should always first pursue funding from their graduate school's governance group (i.e. law students would first seek funding from the Student Bar Association at the School of Law.). However, organizations can request for supplemental funding from GPSG.

Any student organization not affiliated with a specific graduate or professional school should petition GPSG solely for funding.