Student Organizations

Guidelines, Forms, and Policies

Copy Policy

  1. The name of the organization must appear on the first page of any document(s) being photocopied.
  2. Groups may request up to 150 grayscale copies per event (not 150 copies per day) OR 50 colored ink copies per event.
  3. Our copier has the ability to print back to back and staple up to 30 pages. Half pages and quarter pages can be produced from a full page original.
  4. For technical reasons, we are unable to make copies that have 75% or more ink coverage in the background.
  5. Organizations may not submit copy requests for other organizations.
  6. We can only print copies when a representative of your organization is in the office to receive them.

Mailing Services Policy

  • All mailings must be organization business-related.
  • The SORC requires that all mailings include correct mailing addresses and return addresses.
  • Additionally, the exact number of pieces must be provided.
  • Your organization can receive up to 200 free envelopes (see above under Office Supplies).
  • If your mailing requires more than 200 envelopes, you will need to purchase the excess using your organization’s account.

University Travel Policies

View the University of Pittsburgh's Local, National and International travel policies and procedures.

Political Campaign Activity

Learn more about the limitations on the type of partisan political activities that can be conducted on campus.

Event Scheduling Guidelines

View the event scheduling guidelines (PDF) that will assist student organizations as they plan events on campus.

Posting and Chalking Guidelines

Read Posting and Chalking Guidelines (PDF) for students and registered student organizations.

University Hazing Policy

Hazing at the University of Pittsburgh is considered a violation of the University’s Anti-Hazing Policy and Student Code of Conduct, and is absolutely prohibited.

University Logo Guidelines

In collaboration with Student Government Board, University Marketing & Communications and University Counsel, the Student Organization Resource Center has released logo guidelines for all registered student organizations at Pitt.

Please remember that you should always use a licensed vendor when purchasing items that include any trademarks of the University. Licensed vendors work closely with University Licensing to make sure that everything they produce is in compliance with our policies.