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Outside the Classroom Curriculum

As a college student, you’ll find that some of your most transformative experiences occur beyond classroom walls. We offer structure to these experiences so that you can maximize both your personal development and your Pitt experience. 

Welcome to the OCC
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What is the OCC?

As a student, 80% of your time will be spent outside of the classroom. The OCC provides structure and purpose to your free time, allowing you to maximize your Pitt experience and position yourself for future success.

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Core Competencies

The OCC is made up of 9 competency areas/milestones. These milestones will help you realize the best version of yourself. 

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OCC Portal

Powered by Suitable, the Outside the Classroom Curriculum portal is used to track and log your OCC activities.

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Advantage Grant

The OCC Advantage grant provides financial assistance for a summer experiential learning program to undergraduate students who have completed the OCC.

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Honor Society

The OCC was created to help recognize students for taking the initiative to fully engage in their co-curricular life while being a student at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Give Your Event OCC Credit

Learn why and how you can give your event OCC Credit.