We offer a wide variety of services to student organizations. Check out the options below to see if we can help accommodate your organization’s needs.


Copy & Printing


Printing/copy services are limited during the pandemic.  

Registered student organizations are eligible for photocopying services in the SORC.

Copy Policy

  1. The name of the organization must appear on the first page of any document(s) being photocopied.
  2. Groups may request up to 150 grayscale copies per event (not 150 copies per day) OR 50 colored ink copies per event.
  3. Our copier has the ability to print back to back and staple up to 30 pages. Half pages and quarter pages can be produced from a full page original.
  4. For technical reasons, we are unable to make copies that have 75% or more ink coverage in the background.
  5. Organizations may not submit copy requests for other organizations.
  6. We can only print copies when a representative of your organization is in the office to receive them.
Office Supplies


Office supply distribution from the SORC is limited during the pandemic.

Registered student organizations are eligible to receive certain office supplies, free of charge. The amount indicated is per semester, unless otherwise noted.



Mailing services from the SORC are limited during the pandemic.

The SORC provides free mailing services via United States Postal Service (USPS) for your student organization. All mailings must be organization business-related. The SORC requires that all mailings include correct mailing addresses and return addresses. Additionally, the exact number of pieces must be provided. Your organization can receive up to 200 free envelopes (see above under Office Supplies). If your mailing requires more than 200 envelopes, you will need to purchase the excess using your organization’s account.



The following concessions are available to all registered student organizations and university departments:


Cotton Candy




Kettle Corn

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Cheese-filled Pretzel Nuggets


A fee is charged via University account number per order.

All order forms must be submitted to at least 10 business days prior to event date.

SORC Concessions Request Form

Emergency Student Loans


The Emergency Student Loan program administered through the SORC is intended to assist students in overcoming minor financial emergencies.  Loan applications can be submitted by filling out the form below.  A picture of your valid Pitt ID must be attached to the application in order for it to be processed.

Emergency Student Loan Application

*Any full scholarship student athletes must have prior authorization before applying for an Emergency Student Loan.  

Loan Criteria

  • Eligible applicants must be currently enrolled students carrying 6 or more credits during the term in which they are applying.  Over the summer months, eligible applicants must be enrolled for 6 or more credits during any of the summer sessions or the fall semester.
  • Eligible applicants should not have any financial holds on their University account.
  • Students enrolled in their last term at the University of Pittsburgh must apply for this loan prior to the final tuition bill for that term is issued.
  • Complete repayment of any previous Emergency Student Loan is necessary for new loans to be approved.
  • The maximum amount any loan may be approved for is $300.00.
  • Loans are repayable in monthly installments up to a MAXIMUM of 3 MONTHS coinciding with the PittPay billing cycle set forth by the Student Payment Center.
  • Loans must be paid in full prior to graduation.
  • Failure to repay your loan as agreed upon may result in the holding of your transcript or diploma and not being permitted to register for future terms.
  • A two to three business day processing time is required.