Faculty & Staff Partners

Partner with us to help support the career development needs of Pitt Students. We are dedicated to helping students develop the professional skills and meaningful connections vital to succeed in an ever-changing workplace. We view faculty and staff as important partners in fulfilling this commitment. 

Our work together can strengthen the alignment between students’ academic experiences, major and career decisions as well as prepare them for the marketplace though post-graduate options and employment opportunities. We want students to leave Pitt well equipped to launch their careers and achieve their professional goals. 

Become a Career Champion 

The Career Champion program is intended to provide Pitt faculty, staff, alumni and employers with information and resources to engage in meaningful and effective conversations with students regarding career related inquiries. Pitt’s Career Center recognizes the importance of our faculty, staff and Pitt community partners in the career education process, and this program facilitates consistent University-wide messaging around career education for our students.  

Request a Presentation 

Presented by Career Center staff and/or Career Ambassadors, you may request a short intro to Career Center resources or ask us to fill an entire class with valuable content.   

Resume Reviews

VMock uses AI technology to analyze and give feedback on resume draft. Sign on using your Pitt email address and password to get started. 

Students can use the Network Feedback module to send out feedback requests. They simply need to enter the email ID of the person they wish to receive feedback from the system will send an email to the person asking them to start providing feedback to a student using the link provided in the email. 

Mock Interviews 

Big Interview is a virtual mock interviewing site to practice skills, while prepping for internships, jobs, or graduate school interviews  Register on Pitt’s Big Interview site to create an account with your Pitt email address.  You may create and review assignments using the platform.   


Navigate through the career community resources and tools based on a broad or specific topics including interview preparation, resume samples and cover letter writing, networking, job and internship search, skill development, major and career exploration, graduate school preparation, industry insights and more. Our Career Communities allow you to view unique resources, events, and opportunities relevant to and organized by major industry areas. Students can schedule appointments via Handshake.

Career Consultants 

Our Career Consultants are ready to partner with you for on-going activities to share their expertise in specific majors and career fields. They meet with students in one-on-one appointments to facilitate their holistic career development and career readiness journey at Pitt. They can arrange for engagement with field specific employers, mock interviews, classroom presentations, and other learning opportunities for your students. 

Meet our Career Consultant Team

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within the Career Development Journey 

We provide students with resources that integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion within the career development journey. These resources and information can be found in the following Affinity Groups.  

Post Grad Data Dashboards 

View reports and dashboards to find out where students from your school or major are landing after commencement.

Guidelines for Internships for Credit

Read the Guidelines for Internships for Credit

University Internship Program (IUP)

Learn more about the University Internship Program and hosting on-campus internships

Working with Distressed Students

The University Counseling Center provides important information for the entire campus community about working with students who are experiencing personal or academic difficulties. Learn more about strategies and resources.