Career Champion Program

Partner with us to help support the career development needs of Pitt Students.

We are dedicated to helping students develop the professional skills and meaningful connections vital to succeed in an ever-changing workplace. We view faculty and staff as important partners in fulfilling this commitment.  

Our work together can strengthen the alignment between students’ academic experiences, major and career decisions as well as prepare them for the marketplace though post-graduate options and employment opportunities. Collaboratively we empower students to leave Pitt well equipped to launch their careers and achieve their professional goals.  

About the Career Champion Program

The Career Champion program is intended to provide Pitt faculty, staff, alumni and employers with information and resources to engage in meaningful and effective conversations with students regarding career related inquiries. Pitt’s Career Center recognizes the importance of our faculty, staff and Pitt community partners in the career education process, and this program facilitates consistent University-wide messaging around career education for our students.  


To equip students with resources and connect them to opportunities in support of a successful transition from college to career.


  • Identify the resources available through the Career Center
  • Restate the Career Development Ecosystem
  • Describe Internship Prep Program
  • Explain Happenstance Learning Theory
  • Interpret NACE Career Competencies
  • Complete effective Career Center Referrals 

Become a Career Champion

Step 1: Sign Up

Are you interested in knowing more and joining our Career Champion Community? We invite you to take the first step and sign up to receive instructions on how to become a Certified Career Champion, an invitation to join the Career Champion Community and valuable resources.  

Step 2: Canvas Modules 

Complete the short online asynchronous Canvas modules. The Career Champion content is divided into two levels.

Level One - resources, research, and general information on career support and how to make referrals when appropriate.

Level Two - practice and preparation for our Career Champions training course. Level Two contains pre-work, discussions, and case studies to review prior to attending one of our Career Champions sessions.  

Enroll for Career Champion Canvas Course.

Step 3: Group Discussion 

Engaged participants are invited to a one-hour scenario discussion. Upon completion of all three steps participants will receive a certificate and a digital badge to showcase certification and membership to the Pitt Career Champion community. Register for a one-hour Career Champion scenario discussion workshop.