For event and program planning, student organizations must download, complete, and submit the appropriate contracts provided below.  Please review the Guidelines for Registered Student Organization Contracts and note that the policies for ON CAMPUS and OFF CAMPUS activities vary. To help you prepare for your event please refer to the Program Planning Checklist. If you need assistance, please visit the SORC Office in 833 William Pitt Union.

All contracts and related documents must be submitted to the SORC at least 21 days prior to the event.  Failure to submit contract(s) twenty-one days prior to the activity may result in the postponement or cancellation of your program/event.


Per the Guidelines for Registered Student Organization Contracts, student organizations now have the ability to submit a Contract Waiver Form (click here for directions) for speaker engagements only.  Please read the Guidelines to determine if your event qualifies for a waiver.  Contract waivers must also be submitted 21 days prior to your event.


Contracts must include the following:   W-9 and invoice if the performer/service provider is being paid.

  • Live Performance Contract  (Used for guest speakers, bands, musicians, dance groups, comedians, poets, and other live performers)
  • Event Production Agreement (Used for individuals/companies providing services other than entertainers e.g. referees, sound companies, lighting companies, equipment rentals, and other individuals/companies providing services.  Should also be used for one-time instructional events.)
  • Instruction Services Agreement (Used for individuals providing services for instructional purposes e.g. dance instructors, choreographers, and martial arts demonstrations.  This template is meant for instruction services that occur for more than one event.  For instance, a series of classes over a semester.)
  • DJ Agreement (Used for DJ and Karaoke services)

Please see additional documents below for the required Contract Cover Sheet and IRS W-9 Form.


WAIVERS (used for participants at your event)