Upperclass LLC

Upperclass Living Learning Communities

Whether you were a member of one of our first-year LLCs or are just looking for the added benefits of living in an LLC as an upperclass student, our communities offer the chance to bond with your peers through specialized programs and events. In addition, upperclass LLCs provide unique experiences to connect with faculty, staff, and community leaders, giving you access to research and internship opportunities to prepare you for your future career!


Explore the individual LLC pages to learn more about each community, the corresponding requirements, and the programs and events you can expect during your time in the LLC. Check out the information below to find out how to apply or connect with Panther Central for general housing application questions.



In partnership with the Swanson School of Engineering, Residence Life provides upper-class Engineering students with the opportunity to join a community of fellow scholars with shared academic passions and career goals. Students selected for this LLC reside in Panther Hall, an upperclass suite-style residence hall. Upperclass Engineering students serve as Resident Assistants who offer guidance, implement events, and foster a supportive and inclusive residential community. In addition to social programming offered to all residential students, LLC members participate in activities and events designed to prepare students academically for success in both the engineering field and graduate level studies.

  • Students participating in the Upperclass Engineering LLC have the opportunity to:
    • Engage in established study groups with fellow LLC members.
    • Discover co-op and internship opportunities available to Engineering students.
    • Form life-long relationships with fellow Engineering students.
    • Explore graduate school opportunities and preparation activities.
    • Prepare for co-op, internship, and job interviews and networking events.
    • Establish meaningful relationships with Engineering faculty, professionals, and staff.
    • Mentor first-year Engineering LLC students.
  • Past Upperclass Engineering LLC events and activities include:
    • Pirates baseball game with Engineering faculty members
    • Alumni networking/communications workshop
    • Engineering co-op fair and job fair preparation sessions
    • Graduate school information session
    • Major-specific study groups
    • Q&A social event with first-year Engineering LLC students
Gender and Sexuality

In partnership with the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (GSWS) Program, this LLC provides students with gender neutral housing as well as the opportunity to participate in both programming and a one-credit course on LGBTQIA+ communities. Students in this community will share a floor section and bathroom with students of all gender-identities and have a resident assistant (RA) who is focused on supporting an inclusive community.

During the fall semester of their first year in the LLC, students will be required to enroll in GSWS0002: LGBTQIA+ Communities.  This one-credit course will focus on ways in which LGBTQIA+ communities are and have been constructed. There will be two components: reading and discussion on the history of such communities, mostly in recent US culture, and site visits and guest speakers from Pittsburgh communities. The course will be reserved for students in the Gender and Sexuality Living Learning Community and will be graded satisfactory or no credit.  After their first year in the LLC, students choosing to return to the LLC would have the option of enrolling in the course again or serving as peer mentors to new members of the LLC.

In addition to taking the class, the LLC students will be offered general social, academic, wellness, diversity, etc. programming, but more importantly will be offered programming connected to the focus of the LLC.  Students will connect with the Rainbow Alliance through orientation events and programming throughout the academic year.  Additionally, the RA will work with the resident director (RD), Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD) staff and GSWS faculty to implement LLC specific programming including, lectures, film screenings, creative projects, colloquia, and reading groups.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Living Learning Community (LLC), in partnership with the School of Health Sciences, is available to all upperclass students planning a career in medicine or another health sciences field. Students who live in this community located in Irvis will be provided with enhanced opportunities to make them more competitive in their future medical careers, graduate school applications and medical school applications.

  • Students participating in the Health Sciences LLC will have the opportunity to:
    • Attend training presentations related to their medical fields of interest.
    • Have access to academic resources that can assist them with their science-related course work.
    • Learn about medical school opportunities and participate in MCAT test preparation programs.
    • Learn about possible medical research programs and opportunities.

As a member of the Honors LLC you will join a diverse group of students who hail from every corner of the globe, represent virtually every major, and have a wide array of interests. These students share a commitment to academic excellence, involvement, and responsible living. This is a student-driven environment, where mature and creative students learn from, and challenge one another.


Multicultural_NavyIn partnership with the Office of Cross Cultural & Leadership Development, Residence Life provides upperclass students with the opportunity to live in an intentional community of people with diverse identities and backgrounds who share an interest in cultural understanding and social justice. Students selected for this LLC reside in the Quad, an upperclass suite-style residence hall. An upperclass student serves as a Resident Assistant who offers guidance, implements events, and fosters a supportive and inclusive residential community. In addition to social programming offered to all residential students, Multicultural LLC members participate in activities and events designed to promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and action.

  • Students participating in the Multicultural LLC have the opportunity to:
    • Explore various components of personal identity, including: socio-economic status, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and physical ability.
    • Examine the impact of social justice leaders and movements on current events.
    • Discover the traditions and norms of other cultures.
  • Past Multicultural LLC events and activities have included:
    • Diversity cupcakes event
    • Cultural touchstone activity
    • Discussion of documentary on Venezuelan politics
    • Ableism obstacle course
Pitt Business Global Leadership

The Pitt Business Global Leadership Living Learning Community (LLC), in partnership with the College of Business Administration offers students the opportunity to expand on the art of leadership in a global context. LLC members will be exposed to local experts and study abroad opportunities to expand their global awareness within leadership. This LLC is currently housed in the Quad in an upperclass suite-style residence hall.

Students participating in the Pitt Business Global Leadership LLC have the opportunity to:

  • Partake in corporate site visits relating to leadership in a global context
  • Hear from leaders in the industry on global competency and career integration
  • Learn more about on and off campus international opportunities

Past Pitt Business LLC events and activities have included:

  • International Foods Dinner
  • Site visits to companies with a global presence
  • Events with Pitt Business alumni
  • International Film Night

The ROTC Living Learning Community (LLC), in partnership with Pitt’s Three Rivers Battalion, provides an opportunity for cadets to live together, train together, and learn together. This unique experience allows you to sharpen your leadership skills through specialized programming and to connect with fellow cadets through bonding events. The ROTC LLC promotes camaraderie among you and your fellow cadets.

Service to Others

One of the hallmarks of outstanding leaders is an awareness of the challenges faced by society and our local communities.  Many future employers, as well as many graduate and professional schools, are looking for individuals who have contributed in a meaningful way to their community and who have applied their academic knowledge through service.  Service learning guides the Upperclass Service to Others Living Learning Community (LLC) experience in partnership with Pitt's School of Social Work.  The knowledge and skills gained from co-curricular activities enable students to actively engage in positive community change. This LLC is currently housed in the Quad in an upperclass suite-style residence hall.

LLC Requirements

  • Students residing in the Service to Others LLC enroll in a three (3) credit Introduction to Social Work seminar course over their two (2) semesters in residence (students can take this course as variable 1-3 credits each term over two terms for a total of 3 credits, and this course will then count toward a Social Work degree or minor, should they wish to pursue further pre-professional study in Social Work.). This seminar course has generally met on Thursdays from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in Panther Hall.
  • Specifically, the Service to Others LLC provides students with guided service learning experiences. In addition to the service learning seminar class, residents of this community are required to participate in group and individual community service activities each term in support of critical community service organizations and issues that also provide opportunities to:
    • Network with knowledgeable nonprofit, social service, business, government, and community leaders to develop and refine leadership skills.
    • Be mentored by faculty, staff of the residence hall, and community leaders, a process which has been demonstrated to enhance the likelihood of academic and career success; and
    • Connect with fellow students interested in social justice and community service in a structured service learning community that also allows exploration of skills and careers in Social Work and related helping professions. Residents who are interested will have enhanced opportunities to complete an undergraduate degree or minor in Social Work and apply to the graduate programs in Social Work (MSW and PhD).

The Sustainability LLC focuses on helping students explore and engage with sustainability across all disciplines through blending perspectives on environment, equity, and economy through monthly discussions, guest speakers, and engagement with other sustainability-related Pitt students and leaders. Upperclassman will have the opportunity to mentor an underclassman on their floor and educate them on Pitt’s Sustainability Plan and encourage them to take steps to achieve Pitt’s Sustainability Goals and Aspirations. Upperclassmen residing in the Sustainability LLC will have the unique experience of taking on an underclassmen mentee to help navigate Pitt Sustainability and Pitt’s Sustainability Plan. The culture of Sustainability at Pitt is continually growing and one of the most important factors is continuing to grow the Sustainability community through close-knit relationships and communication. The knowledge and skills gained through this experience and other co-curricular activities enable students to actively enhance and improve the culture of sustainability on Pitt’s Campus and beyond.