Campus Recreation


Consisting of structured game play between other teams on campus, intramurals are a great way for University members to engage in physical activity while playing the sports they love.

About Intramurals


The Department of Campus Recreation offers a variety of intramural sports for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff to maintain their competitive edge, remain active, or simply meet new people. With gameplay consisting of Men’s, Women’s, Co-Ed and Open leagues/tournaments, there is a place for everyone in the Intramural Sports program. 


Intramurals require less commitment than club sports in areas like travel, practice schedules, and required equipment. While there's no expectation for every individual on a roster to attend all games, teams are expected to attend games collectively and meet the minimum requirements to play. Forfeiting too many games may result in removal from the league.


Registration for intramural sports is absolutely free, making it accessible for everyone active within the university.

How to Register

To participate in Intramural Programs, you must first create an account and register with IMLeagues using your Pitt Email Address. If you've already created your account and registered with IMLeagues, you're ready to create your own team, join a team, or join as a free agent by signing in with your Pitt Email Address and password at IMLeagues.

Forming a New Team

After creating your IMLeagues account, check when registration opens for your chosen sport. Select your sport/program and league from the available options. If you want to create your own team, you'll be named the captain and can invite other IMLeagues account holders to join; all players MUST join your team on IMLeagues to be eligible and placed on your team roster (this is important for team approval and meeting minimum player requirements).

Joining an Existing Team

After creating your IMLeagues account, check when registration opens for your chosen sport/program. If you plan to join an existing team, ensure you request to join a team or receive an invite from the captain.

Free Agents

If you do not have a team to play with, or do not have enough players to form a team, there is a Free Agent option available when signing up through IMLeagues. When joining as a free agent, you will be added to a list that is visible to current teams, but we also encourage you to be proactive in your attempts to join a team as a Captain’s information and email are viewable within IMLeagues. Please note we cannot personally place you on a team without a Captain’s consent. 

Team Rosters

Team participants must be registered and join your team on IMLeagues before the Join Teams Deadline. A single sport may have multiple leagues (e.g., Co-Ed, Women’s, and Men’s). An individual can play on multiple teams in a sport/program but only on one team in a specific league.

Regular Season Schedules

Most intramural games are often scheduled for Monday – Thursday.  Following registration, a team’s regular season schedules will be available online at the IMLeagues webpage and can be accessed from their team page. 


There will be playoffs for most leagues to determine a season champion. The number of teams that qualify for the playoffs will be based upon the availability of facility space and the time in which the playoffs must be concluded from start to finish. Teams are notified as soon as the above situation is assessed and determined. All decisions to the number of teams advancing to the playoffs are final. Playoffs can be scheduled any day and time of the week. 


Protests dealing with faulty interpretations of rules by game officials should be settled by the Intramural Student Supervisor, whenever possible, at the time they occur. The game should proceed to completion. On the field or court, decisions may be appealed. Protests that question an official’s judgment will not be allowed. MISCONDUCT TOWARD OR HARASSMENT OF AN OFFICIAL CAN RESULT IN SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION FROM INTRAMURAL PLAY. All eligibility protests must be made prior to the beginning of a contest. Once the game begins the results stand. All other protests will be handled by the Intramural Program Coordinator and Intramural Student Supervisor. 


Intramural Programs are open to all students, faculty, and staff with a valid Pitt ID. (Please delete the section about questions being directed to ses379 as that is already included in the “contact” section).


For further questions regarding the Intramural Sports program contact Sean Scott, Intramural Program Coordinator,

Offered Sports

Pitt Intramurals offers an ever-evolving mix of classic core sports as well as unique programs/events that change each semester to cater to a diverse student body. To view the current list of offered sports/programs and register for a sport, visit the Pitt IMLeagues website.

Intramural Sports Rules & Regulations

Organization and Administration

The Intramural Program is under the jurisdiction and resides under the Division of Student Affairs. The program is administered by the Intramural Program Coordinator and student staff. The program is supervised by student leaders who serve as Intramural Supervisors and Officials.

Participant Handbook

2023-2024 Participant Handbook

Game Officials

Individuals are needed to serve as paid officials in selected sports. Officials are paid on an hourly basis. If you’re interested in a challenging part-time job with excellent pay potential, contact Sean Scott, Intramural Program Coordinator at

Informed Consent

Participation in Pitt Intramural Sports could result in physical injury to a participant. The University of Pittsburgh, the Department of Student Affairs and the Department of Campus Recreation assume no responsibility for injuries received during intramural participation.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The possession and use of alcohol or any other illegal drugs is prohibited at and during any intramural sports activity by participants or spectators; they will not be allowed on site. Any participant suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the facility, and the team will risk forfeiting the game. Each team and its Captain will be responsible for assisting in the enforcement of this policy for its team members and spectators. Violators can be subject to removal from their team and the league, and, in addition, may also be removed from all sports for the semester. Violators can also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the University of Pittsburgh’s policy.


The Campus Recreation Department does not insure its participants. All students are encouraged to avail themselves of the relatively inexpensive program offered through the Student Health Service.

Health Examination

All persons planning to participate in the Intramural program are encouraged to undergo an annual physical examination. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to require proof of such examinations prior to participating in selected activities.

Intramural Sports Schedule

To view current team schedules visit the Pitt IMLeagues website or view the schedule below.