Resources & Services for Club Sports Participants


Athletic Training


A UPMC athletic trainer will provide (20) hours of service each week throughout the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. These services include injury evaluation and treatment which will occur in Trees Hall, Room 164 during the week.


Any questions regarding the athletic training services provided by UPMC Sports Medicine should be directed to or 412-648-8210.


Available Office Hours 

Office hours for the 2022-23 academic year will vary based on event coverage during any given week. To find the current week’s Athletic Training office hours, visit the this link, add “Trees Hall” as the location and look for the “Athletic Training Room” to see the posted hours.


Athletic training for the 2022-23 academic year is available by appointment only. Click here to schedule an appointment.


Office Location (Trees Hall, 164)

The athletic trainer’s office is located in Trees Hall, room 164. When entering Trees Hall at the main entrance (Allequippa St.), make a left at the security desk and walk to the end of the hallway. Room 164 is the last room on the left side of the hallway.




Peak Performance Services

Campus Recreation and the University Counseling Center (UCC) have partnered to provide Club Sports athletes and teams the opportunity to learn and develop mental skills to consistently perform at your peak levels, enhance confidence and resiliency, and to achieve your best. We aim to help you reach your goals, enhance optimal performance, and to improve overall well-being on a consistent basis.


Available Services

The UCC has a robust offering of free consultation services focused on building specific skills for a wide range of sport and performance psychology topics. We will work with you to customize these services to meet you or your team’s needs.


Popular consultation topics include:

  • COVID-19 concerns that currently impact training, practice, and performance
  • Coping with Setbacks (e.g. injury, losing, slumps, disappointments)
  • Team Cohesion and Trust Building
  • Mindfulness-Based Techniques
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Talk
  • Focus, Attention and Concentration Management
  • Leadership
  • Performance-Related Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Preperformance Routines
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution


Group/Team Performance Consultation

All team/group consultations are being offered virtually. If you are interested in engaging in a team/group performance consultation at the UCC, please click here to submit a request. Please be sure to select “Peak Performance Services” as an area of interest.


Individual Performance Consultation

Individual consultations are confidential and are offered virtually. If you are interested in engaging in an individual performance consultation at the UCC, please utilize their Virtual Drop-In Services by calling 412-648-7930, Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm.


Upon calling, you will speak with a member of the UCC Administrative Team, who will provide instructions for completing initial paperwork. Once you complete and submit the paperwork, a UCC Clinician will call and invite you to join a video meeting the same day. During this meeting, you will be asked to share about your current concerns and interest in services. We ask that you are in a confidential space for this meeting. After this meeting, you can then be connected to individual performance services.


Sport & Performance Psychology

Sport & Performance Psychology recognizes that performance involves both physical and mental skills. In order for individuals to perform at an optimal level, they must possess and use a number of mental skills. Sport & Performance Psychology focuses on understanding and applying mental skills that impact an individual’s or team’s performance, enjoyment and engagement, and overall well-being. Sport & Performance Psychology utilizes a holistic approach to help individuals perform at their best on a consistent basis and can include improving confidence, enhancing focus and concentration, expanding strategies to cope with setbacks, increasing team communication and cohesion, and developing the mental skills to achieve one’s potential.


About the UCC

The mission of the University Counseling Center (UCC) is to provide high quality services and programs that foster the academic and personal development, as well as the psychological well-being, of Pitt’s diverse student body. From outreach and prevention to crisis intervention, the UCC is dedicated to supporting and empowering students to maximize their college experience and realize their fullest potential.


The UCC offers a wide range of free and confidential services to support students’ well-being. To learn more about additional services at the University Counseling Center, please visit their website.