Facilities & Hours

Reserve a Facility

Student organizations, academic departments, and administrative units may reserve a variety of athletic/recreational facilities for group events, team practices or general recreation. Use of certain facilities are by reservation only, in which an online request must be submitted and approved through the Student Affairs Event Management System (EMS).

Browse for space and view the existing schedule of reserved facilities in the EMS.

Facilities Available for Reservation

Bellefield Aerobic/Dance Room – 201
Baierl Aerobic/Dance Room
Field House Balcony
Trees Hall Racquetball Courts
Bellefield Aerobic/Dance Room – 322
Baierl Multipurpose Room
Field House Volleyball Courts
WPU Fitness Center Multipurpose Room
Bellefield Gymnasium
Cost Sports Center
Pitt Sports Dome Complex

Reserve a Facility

  1. Your Organization Must Be Currently Registered With SORC.
  2. One Member of Your Organization Must Have an EMS Account
  3. Submit Your Facility Request Through the EMS Portal
    When submitting your request indicate the facility, dates & times you wish to reserve, as well as a description of the activity.

View instructions for registering for and using the Event Management System.

Priority Reservation Dates

  Fall Requests Spring Requests  Summer Requests
Campus Recreation & HHD Pre-confirmed Pre-confirmed Pre-confirmed
Competitive Club Sports August 7th October 23rd TBD
Recreational Club Sports August 14th October 30th TBD
Division of Student Affairs/Residence Life August 21st November 6th TBD
Other SORC Organizations/Academics & Administration August 28th November 13th TBD

All priority reservations dates are subject to change at any time by the Department of Campus Recreation staff.

For questions concerning recreational/athletic facility requests, contact Dorothy Stromdahl, Associate Director Facilities and Operations at dps72@pitt.edu.