Recreational Clubs

Recreational Sports Clubs

Recreational Sports Clubs are special interest activities that focus more on the instructional aspects and recreational play of the sport or nature of the club/activity they are associated with.  They present a social interaction and a less competitive environment.  Little to no travel is involved and often times clubs only meet one or two times a week.

Airsoft Badminton Barbell Club
Billiards Club CrossFit Disc Golf
Engineering a Better Mind/Body Field Hockey Fly Fishing
Junk Karting Women’s Lacrosse Lawnsports
Martial Arts MMA Outdoors Club
Parkour Ping Pong Roller Hockey
Shotokan Karate Skateboarding Ski & Snowboard
Snowboarding Soccer Urban Gaming

For questions regarding Pitt Club Sports contact Hunter England, coordinator of competitive and recreational sports,