Pitt Club Sports Council


The Pitt Club Sports Council, established in Summer 2016, serves to unite club sports as a cohesive unit, representing students who aim to pursue a higher level of competition, sportsmanship, camaraderie and leadership. The Council meets monthly and plays a large role in future club sports decisions, addressing needs, wants and concerns of club sports teams. The Council is also an advocate and unified voice for club sports with the goal of facilitating the growth and success of the Pitt Club Sports program.


If you have any questions or concerns for the Council, please contact one of our officers.


President - Tim Dowd

Contact Tim - tmd69@pitt.edu

Vice President - Maddie Daubert

Contact Maddie - mgd37@pitt.edu

Council Business Manager - Zachary Miles

Contact Zachary - ztm20@pitt.edu

Secretary / Social Media Chair - Lauren Nedrow

Contact Lauren - lan53@pitt.edu