Buses Home for the Holidays

As an alternate ride home, the University charters busses for students during the three major recesses: Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break.

Port Authority and T Transit

All Pitt students, faculty and staff are able to ride the Pittsburgh city bus and subway systems without having to pay a fare.
All students pay a transportation fee in their mandatory fees, thus subsidizing fare costs.

Greyhound/ Megabus/ Amtrak/ Pittsburgh International Airport

All methods of transportation are available and easily accessible to University students in the city of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Yellow Cab

City taxi service.

Uber/ Lyft

These are ride-sharing applications whereby users can request a ride and pay for the ride via an application on their smartphone.

Super Shuttle

An airport shuttle service for the Pittsburgh area.

University Parking

Students are able to purchase parking permits that meet the needs of their enrollment status as residents, commuters or evening students.