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Thank you for your interest in recruiting University of Pittsburgh students. At the Career Center, we strive to provide excellent service and create a great on campus recruitment experience.

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Contact the Employer Relations Team

In order to help you with your recruiting plans at Pitt, and to answer any questions you may have, we are making time available to speak one-on-one with a member of the Employer Relations Team on a first-come, first-served basis. Please schedule a meeting with the team member below that most aligns with your recruiting focus or contact us directly.


Devin Changa – Handshake Inquiries
For employers with questions about the Pitt Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair, posting jobs or events, or scheduling virtual interviews on Handshake.
Schedule a meeting here
Email: dwb32@pitt.edu; Phone: 412-648-7129


Brian Doyle – Engineering
For employers interested primarily in recruiting science and the following engineering majors: Bioengineering, Civil/Environmental, Chemical/Petroleum, Mechanical/Materials Science.
Schedule a meeting here
Email: brian.doyle@pitt.edu; Phone: 412-383-3448


Jeff Porter – Technology
For employers interested primarily in recruiting tech (Computer Science, Information Science, Health Information Management), math and the following engineering majors: Computer, Electrical, Industrial.
Schedule a meeting here
Email: jeffporter@pitt.edu; Phone: 412-624-7928


Lindsay Crouse – Government and Non-Profit
For government agencies and non-profit organizations or employers hiring liberal arts or general studies majors.
Schedule a meeting here
Email: lnc13@pitt.edu; Phone: 412-383-0686