Donate to the Pitt Pantry

Only unopened & unexpired shelf-stable food items & household products accepted.

Donations can be left outside the pantry door at the O’Hara Student Center. To ask any questions or arrange a larger donation drop-off, please email

Most Needed Items
  • Paper Products (tissues, paper towels, toilet paper)
  • Soaps (dish/hand soap, detergent, shampoo, conditioner)
  • Gluten free meals & snacks
  • Dietary items (e.g. Halal, Kosher, vegan)
  • Culturally Diverse Products
    • Asian (rice vermicelli noodles, fish sauce, seaweed, curry powder, dried chili peppers, etc.)
    • African (tamarind, canned coconut milk, couscous, chicken bouillon, pearl millet, plantains, etc.)
    • Latin (Harina pan cornmeal, tortilla wraps, corn chips, salsa, etc.)
  • Shelf-stable beverages (plant-based milk, boxed juice/milk, water)
Spices & seasonings
  • Pasta sauce
  • Menstrual products (period cups, tampons, pads, etc.)
  • Cooking oil (olive, avocado, palm, chili, sesame oil, etc.)
  • Shelf-stable meat products (canned chicken/tuna/clams, jerky)

In addition to in-kind donations, we also welcome financial support through the Office of Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement. To donate, navigate to the University gift website, then select “Choose areas to support” under the Designations heading and scroll or type in “Pitt Pantry – Care and Resource Support”.