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Hail to Thrift

Created in the spring of 2014, Thriftsburgh is Pitt’s student-run on-campus thrift store serving students, staff, faculty, and the Pittsburgh community by re-purposing and selling second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories. Buying secondhand clothing reduces textile waste, cuts carbon, and promotes a culture of reuse. All items sold in the store are $10 or less.

Thriftsburgh has regular store hours in the O’Hara Student Center and holds various events throughout the year. The Annual Reuse Rummage Sale is hosted each August to provide clothing, dorm, kitchen, and bathroom essentials to students returning to campus.

Donations and Store Credit

Donate any of your second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories to Thriftsburgh to receive half back the amount in store credit! Donations may be dropped off during store hours or left in the donation bin outside the Thriftsburgh store.

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Meet the Team

Selfie of a smiling person outside with glasses and short hair.

Han is a 5th year studying urban planning, architecture, and American Sign Language. They have recently returned from studying abroad in Copenhagen and working as a student blogger. Han’s hobbies include collage, photography, and visiting cafes. At Thriftsburgh, their role is the Managing Director & Store Operations Coordinator.

Photo of a smiling blonde young woman wearing an eared furry hat in a thrift store.

Nicole is a 4th year studying marketing and sustainability. She enjoys cooking, traveling, caring for her plants, and playing with her cat in her free time. She’s now in her third year working as Thriftsburgh’s e-Commerce and Special Events Coordinator.​

Outdoor photo of a smiling woman with short, dark hair in a green floral skirt and black crop top.

Jennah is a 3rd year environmental studies major with a minor in economics. Her hobbies include reading, cross stitching, jewelry making, and thrifting. At Thriftsburgh, her role is Outreach Coordinator and Store Associate.

Photo of a young woman with long dark hair in a Pitt Grandparent cap, denim overalls, and blue and gold beads.

Mollie is a 4th year environmental studies major. She enjoys knitting, skiing, running, and being outside. You might find her at Dave and Andy’s eating their birthday cake ice cream and listening to Lana. At Thriftsburgh, her role is Store Associate.

Mirror selfie of a young woman in a blue and white checkered short sleeve top with medium-length brown hair.

Cami is a 3rd year information science major with a focused track on networks and security. She marched mello in the Pitt Band for two years and is now looking to fill her time with clubs that promote the outdoors and sustainability on and around campus. Her hobbies include, skiing fishing, mountain biking, reading, and anything frog related. At Thriftsburgh, her role is Store Associate.

A young woman with brown curly hair and a playful expression holds and scratches a cream-colored Siamese cat.

Bella is a 2nd year student studying sociology. She spends her time crocheting, getting coffee, thrifting, and scouring Depop or Pinterest. Bella is also involved in Studio 412 and The Songburghs. This is her first year working as a Store Associate at Thriftsburgh.