Meditation Audio

Why Try Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation helps us train the wandering, agitated mind. Recent research on mindfulness training published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that students engaged in mindfulness training showed greater sustained attention task performance and lower self-reported mind wandering during task completion than control students who received no training. This training helps with task performance like homework, and can also help us intentionally relax and enjoy life, which can be difficult if the mind is continually wandering into planning, worrying, and analyzing.

Below are three guided mindfulness meditation practices that can be done as a study break, to help settle the mind before bed, on the bus on the way home, anywhere you can find the time to relax and recharge.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practices

3-Anchor Mindfulness Meditation 6:31 min
Breath Awareness Meditation 13:32 min
Body Scan Meditation 19:21 min
Yoga+ Class Body Scan 10:12 min

Guided Meditations from Home

To practice meditation at home, you simply need to find a comfortable seat in a space with minimal distractions. A seat could mean a chair, on the floor with a folded up blanket or pillow, or simply on a yoga mat.

On our Instagram we have highlighted a number of meditation apps we highly recommend.

Intro to Meditation 5:00 min
Mindful Meditation 5:00 min
Body Scan Meditation 5:00 min
Breath Awareness 10:00 min
Let Go Meditation 10:00 min
Sohum Meditation 10:00 min
Breath Awareness 15:00 min
Music Meditation 15:00 min
One Word Meditation 15:00 min