Student Health Services

Stress Free Zone

The Stress Free Zone (SFZ) is a space on the 3rd floor of the William Pitt Union where students can learn and regularly practice evidence-based, mind/body stress reduction skills. These skills are primarily taught through mindfulness meditation, a form of attention training which involves an intentional, non-judgmental observation of the present moment. We also provide outreach programs if you are interested in bringing the lessons of the SFZ to you. For questions, please email

Stress Free Zone Services

Mindfulness Audio Stations 

Consider trying 5 minutes of mindfulness instead of 5 minutes of worrying. The results may surprise you. We offer private areas where you can listen to guided mindfulness practices. Can’t come in for our services today? Listen from home. These practices can be a great way to quiet the mind before bed or take a study break. 

Private Space for Meditation and Yoga

Already have a yoga or meditation practice? Need a place to practice between classes? Take a few minutes to stop in and loosen up your body and mind. We offer a quiet, private space, and the yoga mat is already set up! Looking for in-person instruction in mindfulness meditation or mindful yoga? Come to one of our scheduled classes!


Biofeedback provides a graphic representation of how mental states affect the body. The SFZ’s biofeedback program measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a signal which changes as a person experiences stress and relaxation. Regular practice of biofeedback and mindfulness can improve self-regulation skills, which can decrease reactivity and anxiety. Biofeedback is available during our walk-in hours. A SFZ Peer Educator will gladly help you get started and can offer guidance until you are able to conduct these sessions on your own.

Massage Chair

Our “zero-gravity” massage chair uses inflating air bags and heat to offer a gentle stretch and massage of the body. A 20-minute session elevates the feet and is gentle and quiet enough to be paired with mindfulness audio, a combination we recommend to help maximize the benefits of this experience. SFZ Peer Educators are trained to assist you in utilizing the stress-reduction stations. Please don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance!

Day Light Lamp Therapy 

Scientists believe that bright light therapy works on several different levels, producing a combined beneficial effect. When used at an appropriate morning hour (or in rare cases, evening hour), it corrects the misalignment of the internal body clock, known as the circadian rhythm, with external night and day. Bright light therapy, acting on the body’s own response to light, may also stimulate the brain’s production of the neurochemicals responsible for positive moods. This may explain why people not getting the light they require feel lethargic, less motivated and experience the blues. Recommended usage time is 20-30 minutes.

Sunset Yoga
Classes and Workshops

Learn more about the our upcoming classes and workshops.

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Meditation Audio

Discover mindfulness meditation practices that can be done as a study break, to help settle the mind before bed, on the bus home, or any place you can find the time to relax and recharge.

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Sleep Resources

Explore audio and video to help you practice mindful awareness in stillness and be a helpful addition to your bedtime routine.