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University Pharmacy

Transfer, Fill, or Refill Prescriptions

The University Pharmacy welcomes staff, faculty, students, and community. Most insurance plans are accepted; however, the University Pharmacy is not contracted with out-of-state Medicaid programs. Depending on the medication, the pharmacy may be able to provide the medication at a low cost or transfer it to a nearby pharmacy.

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New Patient

If this is your first time using the University Pharmacy, complete the new patient intake form to have your information registered with us.

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Transfer a Prescription

We will need the name of each medication you would like transferred and name and phone number of your pharmacy. Please include your mobile phone number in the Notes to Pharmacy section. We can use this number to securely message you if any additional information is needed. Please note that transfers may take several days to complete depending on the time of year.

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Prescription Refill

Submit a prescription refill request to the pharmacy. You will need the prescription Rx number from your University Pharmacy label. View an example of how to read a prescription label. Please include your mobile number if you would like us to text you with any questions or concerns. Please allow 24 hours for your prescription to be ready.

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Over the Counter Items

Over the Counter items, including Wellness and Travel Kits, can be ordered online for pick up by visiting University Pharmacy Over the Counter (OTC) Items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The University Pharmacy will need at least 4 pieces of insurance information at the time of service. This information is located on your health insurance card, but may be provided on a separate prescription benefits card. The information needed is: Member ID, Rx BIN Rx Group, PCN. 

The copay or out of pocket cost of your prescription is set by your insurance company. The cost may be impacted by what “tier” your insurance company considers the medication. Higher tier medications usually have higher copay amounts. The University Pharmacy accepts credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), Apple Pay, Panther Funds, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards, The University Pharmacy is not able to charge prescription costs to your bursar account.