Residence Life


More than 6,000 students live on campus – our vision is to provide them with the best residential experience in the world. All of our halls support academic success as well as social growth and greater connection.
Our residence halls play a central role in building community at Pitt. Our dedicated professional staff and trained student staff look forward to working with residents to develop meaningful relationships and explore new perspectives.


Our Residence Life staff is committed to providing students with a safe and supportive environment that will help them be successful and responsible members of the University community. Security in residence halls is provided in a number of ways, but it is important that every student be aware of their environment and make good decisions about their own safety and that of their neighbors.

Defense Training with Pitt Poilce


Resident Assistants (RAs) are tasked with gauging residents’ needs and experiences through intentional conversations. Within this educational strategy, RAs are able to enhance a student’s experience through programming, forging connections with others on campus and help make connections with key campus resources. Collectively the Resident Assistant staff offers over 3000 programs per year. These programs are created based on the needs of those who live in our communities and are discovered by intentional interactions. Scroll through our social media to take a look at past photos from just a few of our events.

 Students with staff member at Late Night Breakfast


Collaborative learning inside and outside the classroom is a departmental imperative. Residence Life plays a central role in helping students make the most of their academic experiences. We are dedicated to providing a living experience where students feel safe and have a chance to grow as an individual and as part of a vibrant living community. In order to meet these goals, each Residence Hall Director works to create a curriculum built around educational focus areas. This curriculum is tailored to each community in order to ensure that the lessons are relevant and accessible to the students who live there. In building this curriculum, Residence Hall Directors have the ability to put their mark on their community, as well as the license to be creative and innovative in their approach.

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