Goal Areas

Outside the Classroom Curriculum


The Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) is designed to educate the whole student through the completion of programs and experiences that provide a pathway for students to have the best possible collegiate experience and gain skills needed for employment or graduate school. The Curriculum is divided into 10 goal areas.



NEW OCC Leadership


As a leader, one must ignite a flame in themselves and others to achieve a common goal. Through the knowledge, skills, and experience gained, students will have the ability to progress a group forward towards a more positive future.

  • Complete leadership training for a minimum of 16 hours.
  • Attend 2 leadership workshops or seminars.
  • Serve in a leadership role for an organization (on or off campus) and reflect on the experience.
  • Hold a leadership position (elected or appointed) in an organization (on or off campus) and reflect on the experience.
NEW OCC Career


Students fill their own professional briefcase with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to be competitive in gaining employment or acceptance into graduate or professional school.

  • Have your résumé reviewed by a career consultant or a faculty member and upload a copy to Suitable.
  • Attend 2 networking events and reflect on the experience.
  • Attend 5 events that help develop your career focus.
  • Attend 2 Pitt-sponsored career fairs.
  • Participate in an internship or other experiential learning opportunity and reflect on the experience.
  • Make an appointment with the Career Center (WPU 200) to review and reflect on career readiness.
NEW OCC Communication


The speech bubble represents the exchange of ideas that ultimately lead each individual to a more diverse and engaged mindset. To flourish in today’s society, one needs to be confident in oral, interpersonal, and written communication.

  • Complete a mock interview with the Career Center.
  • Demonstrate your written communication skills by uploading a writing sample to Suitable.
  • Create and deliver a professional presentation and reflect on the experience.
  • Draft a cover letter or personal statement and have it reviewed by a faculty mentor, academic advisor, or career consultant.
NEW OCC Global&Cultural


The globe serves as a reminder of the vast amount of knowledge to be gained through interacting with others who have different life experiences than you. As a well-rounded individual, each student will work to understand diverse cultures and function as a global citizen informed about issues that impact people, society, and nations.

  • Attend 7 global and cultural awareness events.
  • Complete 1 of the following:
    • Visit the Study Abroad office to learn about the study abroad process or global internships.
    • Participate in a study abroad experience or travel to a country different from your own and reflect on the experience.
NEW OCC Pitt Pride


We’re all Panthers at the University of Pittsburgh. Through engaging in the spirit and purpose of the University of Pittsburgh community, we work to be strong, powerful forces that help to positively shape our Pitt community and the world as a whole.

  • Attend 10 campus-wide events.
NEW OCC Service


The heart symbolizes each student’s focus on the needs of others and the commitment to civic engagement and community service. At the University of Pittsburgh, we work hard to support our fellow Panthers.

  • Record a minimum of 40 hours community service via the PittServes portal.
  • Participate in 3 University-sponsored days of service.
  • Participate in 1 organization’s philanthropic event.
NEW OCC Sense of Self


The lotus flower symbolizes balance and a dedication to developing inner peace. Through the Sense of Self Goal Area, students will become increasingly aware of personal skills, abilities, values, and beliefs for the development of civility, identity, a sense of purpose, and management of self.

  • Participate in 2 programs that promote civility and encourage the development of emotional intelligence.
  • Participate in 2 programs that explore your sense of purpose and management of self.
NEW OCC Wellness


The apple serves as a reminder of each individual’s responsibility to have the knowledge, behaviors, and habits conducive to health and financial wellness. It is important to be physically, mentally, and financially well.

  • Participate in 3 health education programs.
  • Participate in 1 emotional health program.
  • Participate in 1 physical activity program.
  • Participate 1 financial literacy program.


The abstract nature of the paint splatter signifies art’s unique definition for each individual. Through experiencing various art forms, students will continue to build upon their own personal relationship with art.

  • Attend 7 arts events.
NEW OCC Initiative&Drive


A diamond is the beautiful encapsulation of hard work and determination. Your goals are your diamonds. Students must demonstrate the ability to conceptualize a goal, develop a plan to accomplish it, and complete all tasks to successfully achieve the goal.

  • Reflect on an ambitious goal that you have accomplished, and describe the steps you took to accomplish this goal.
  • Reflect on the experiences that assisted you in deciding your career path.
  • Submit your application for OCC completion in Suitable.

For more information, send an email to occpitt@pitt.edu