Emma W. Locke Award

Charles A. Locke established the Emma W. Locke Memorial Award in 1946 in memory of his mother, Emma W. Locke. One undergraduate winner is chosen by a committee from among nominees selected by the deans of the undergraduate schools. The award recognizes high scholarship, character, leadership, and devotion to the ideals of the University of Pittsburgh. 

Congratulations to 2023 Emma W. Locke Award winner Sabella Prime! 


2023 Emma W. Locke Nominees

Taylor Blake, College of Business Administration 

After starting her Pitt journey as a Chemistry major, Taylor found her passion in the School of Business Administration, working with people, organizations, and accounting. Throughout her time at Pitt, she has studied abroad in London and maintained a stellar GPA. Following her graduation, Taylor will be an audit intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Pittsburgh, and she will begin earning her master’s degree at the Katz Graduate School of Business in the fall. 

Mackenzie Buday, School of Social Work 

Mackenzie has excelled in her social work practicum, both inside and out of the classroom. She served as the social chair of the BSAW Club executive board, completed an internship with the Center on Race and Social Problems, and pursued a field education with Foundation of Hope, an interfaith non-profit organization in Pittsburgh that focuses on re-entry programming for incarcerated individuals. Her commitment to leadership and justice awarded her the David C. Frederick Award for Public Service, and she continues to display a spirit of service by serving various community organizations in the Pittsburgh area. 

Raja Krishnaswamy, School of Computing and Information 

At thirteen, Raja graduated from CCAC with a 4.0 and Associate’s Degrees in Software Development and in Mathematics and Sciences. Raja completed his time at Pitt with a degree in Computer Science and a joint degree from the David C. Frederick Honors College by age 16. Throughout his time at Pitt he has taken multiple advanced math electives, completed a research capstone, and become President of the Young Entrepreneurs Club, all while maintaining a 3.92 GPA. Now, Raja will continue his academic journey at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science, starting in the Fall of 2023. 

Abigail Lombardi, College of General Studies 

Abigail Lombardi is graduating with a degree in Media and Professional Communications and a concentration in Digital Media, with minors in Linguistics and Korean, as well as the Asian Studies Certificate. Abby has focused her academic career on using her skills to expand opportunities for students to learn through cross-cultural experience in her work as a Global Ties mentor in the Office of Inclusion and Belonging since 2020. Her mentorship has extended to volunteering at the English Language Institute and as a teaching assistant for First-Year Programs in Asian Languages. Abby hopes to continue mentoring and volunteering as she pursues an MBA in South Korea. 

Rachel P. McLoughlin, Swanson School of Engineering 

Rachel will graduate with a degree in Bioengineering and a minor in Exercise Science, focusing her research on the biomechanics of healing the human body after injury, a passion that began in childhood while playing soccer and witnessing her teammates becoming injured. She took her research out of the classroom to teach ACL prevention routines at youth soccer camps and has been a great mentor to first-year engineering students. Rachel will be pursuing a dual doctorate at Pitt as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. 

Rachel Milke, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 

During her time at Pitt, Rachel has pursued a double degree with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a Bachelor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science, studying opioid use disorder and how resource disparities impact health outcomes. Her extensive research has culminated in a presentation at the 45th Annual Association for pregnant women with opioid use disorder, and a defense of her thesis in April of this year at the David C. Frederick Honors College. Outside of her research, Rachel has been instrumental in founding the mentorship program “Pre-health Pathways,” providing education and mentorship for high schoolers wanting to learn more about health careers. 

Allison N. Mitchell, School of Education 

Throughout her journey in the Exercise Science Program, Allison balanced a rigorous academic career with a pursuit of leadership, serving on the Exercise Science Executive Board, as the Risk Management Chair for a STEM-based sorority, and as a chemistry teaching assistant. Allison has recently been accepted into Pitt’s Master’s of Clinical Exercise Physiology graduate program. 

Danielle Obisie-Orlu, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 

Throughout her time at Pitt, Danielle has gained an incredible breadth of knowledge in many disciplines, majoring in Political Science, minoring in French and Sociology, and pursuing a Transatlantic Studies Certificate, an African Studies Certificate, with Honors Distinction and Global Distinction. Danielle has completed five substantial research projects and has also contributed to the broader community as a Resident Advisor and as a mentor for refugee youth and international students seeking friendship and information. 

Sabella Prime, School of Nursing 

Sabella is one of the most accomplished undergraduates in Pitt’s School of Nursing, excelling not only in didactic and clinical courses, but also serving as the Primary Investigator on her own independent research project and as the president of the Black Student Nursing Association. Her diligent work and volunteering have allowed this organization to participate in community service activities and has greatly increased the organization’s membership. 


Recent Recipients and Nominees


Award Winner: 
Tyler Viljaste, College of Business Administration 

Jordann Antoan, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Avery Emma Bazell, School of Social Work 
Eli Brock, Swanson School of Engineering 
Michelle S. Fernandez, School of Computing and Information 
Emily S. Jolly, Deitrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Murali Kovvur, College of General Sciences 
Kiera Rose Loftus, School of Education 
Brianna Wahlers, School of Nursing 


Award Winner: 
Rhiannon Bonnabell Stangl, College of General Studies 

Victoria L. Bistarkey, School of Social Work 
Claire P. Chouinard, Swanson School of Engineering 
Katie Marie Gerber, College of Business Administration 
Derek Rogers Lamb, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Alyssa Longo, School of Education 
Devin J. Mack, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Katelyn Morrison, School of Computing and Information 
Youjia Wang, School of Nursing 


Award Winner: 
Sarah Elizabeth Steward, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 

Erin Joy Bergen, College of General Studies 
Evelyn Grace Bigini, School of Nursing 
K. Stetson Fenster, College of Business Administration 
Mirabel Reid, School of Computing and Information 
McKenzie Sicke, Swanson School of Engineering 
Elizabeth Sloan Steiner, School of Social Work 
Gregory Jay Strouse, School of Education 
Swapna Krithika Subramanian, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 


Award Winner: 
Kaylene Caswell Stocking, Swanson School of Engineering 

Samantha Leigh Bordman, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Anthony G. Harris, School of Computing and Information 
Anika G. Jones, School of Social Work 
Michaela Schreyer, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Gabriella Maria Summa, College of General Studies 
Eric Vance, College of Business Administration 
Justine Wang, School of Nursing 
Leo J. Warren, School of Education 


Award Winner: 
Dina Fradkin, School of Nursing 

Christa Brashier, College of General Studies 
Jonathan Patrick Lobo, School of Computing and Information 
Katherine M. McGovern, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Rachel E. Mueller, College of Business Administration 
Ahona Raka Sarkar, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Alexandra M. Sharick, School of Education 
Adam Smoulder, Swanson School of Engineering 


Award Winner: 
Abigail Erin Loneker, Swanson School of Engineering 

Saskia Berrios-Thomas, School of Social Work 
Zachary Grewe, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Julia Marie Helgert, College of General Studies 
William Owen James II, School of Information Science 
Jaimie M. Kopicko, School of Education 
Amanda Michelle Monaco, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Diana Rivero, School of Nursing 
Alexandra N. Smith, College of Business Administration 


Award Winner: 
Emily J. Crabb, Swanson School of Engineering 

Sana Daoud, College of Business Administration 
Alexis C. Donaldson, School of Social Work 
Antoinette Doyle, School of Information Science, 
Karl G. Gibson, College of General Studies 
Ashleigh M. Holmes, School of Nursing 
Jacquelyn Klunk, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Meredith A. Monsour, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Michael O. Wenger, School of Education 


Award Winner: 
Audrey-Marie H. Winn, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 

Jordan S. Feldman, School of Information Sciences 
Sarah E. Ford, College of General Studies 
Alison L. Hall, College of Business Administration 
Kristen Hochreiter, School of Social Work 
Annie Krzan, School of Nursing 
Michael Morais, Swanson School of Engineering 
Benjamin Swogger, School of Education 
McKenzie Rae Troutman, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 


Award Winner: 
Lauren Matevish, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 

Benjamin J. Bucior, Swanson School of Engineering 
Chelsea Jennifer Davis, School of Social Work 
Pearl Eni, College of General Studies 
Ryan Frisbie, College of Business Administration 
Andrew Head, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Megan Schug, School of Education 
Ryan C. Sosh, School of Nursing 


Award Winner: 
Leah Patrice Swanzy, College of General Studies 

Sarah Connell, College of Business Administration 
Bethany D. Hyde, School of Nursing 
Christopher W. Martin, School of Information Sciences 
Stephanie Pinksy, School of Social Work 
Angela Sciulli, School of Education 
Julianna M. Sincavage, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Robert Snyder, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 
Andrew C. Zmolek, Swanson School of Engineering