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Outreach Requests

Outreach Requests are interactive programs/presentations focused on building specific skills for a wide variety of mental health topics. Outreach requests can be made by faculty, staff and organized student groups. We have a robust offering of comprehensive programs and presentations, and will work with you to customize the program/presentation to meet your organization’s needs.
UCC Clinicians are also available to facilitate tabling events, participate in panel discussions/events, and provide mental health-related trainings.

Submit an Outreach Request

Please note: Outreach requests must be submitted one month in advance.

Ask a Therapist

Formerly known as Let's Talk, Ask a Therapist is a drop-in service that offers informal, confidential consultation with a clinician from the University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center. These are free for all enrolled University of Pittsburgh students. Students can use Ask a Therapist to get support with a specific problem and/or to learn more about services at the University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center.

Learn more about ask a therapist


The UCC provides a number of workshops throughout the academic year for interested students. Please visit our Events page for more information.

Peer Support Communities

The University Counseling Center hosts a variety of Peer Support Communities to provide a space for students to create new relationships, strengthen their support network at Pitt, and discuss common topics of concern with like-minded peers. Learn more about Peer Support Communities.