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The mission of the University Counseling Center (UCC) is to create an inclusive space and provide high quality services that support the emotional well-being of Pitt’s diverse student body.


Compassion, Inclusion, Collaboration, Humility, and Community.

Diversity Statement

The UCC staff is gifted with the privilege of working with a diverse and talented student body. We understand that, while some aspects of one’s identity are readily apparent, others may be invisible. We appreciate that students’ identities are diverse and intersecting; impacting how students view the world and experience relationships and may have an effect on mental health in an important way.

Consistent with the University of Pittsburgh diversity policy, our goal, as a staff, is to provide a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment that allows all students to reach their goals of growth and change. As a staff with our own diverse identities—both visible and invisible—we are committed to providing services that honor students’ unique needs, concerns, and personhoods.

When receiving services at the UCC, a student’s identity interacts with their clinician in important ways that shape the therapeutic relationship and, in turn, a student’s sense of belongingness, safety, and ability to be vulnerable in service of their goals. We understand that, to some students, working with a clinician that shares one or more of their identities is key to promoting a sense of safety. To others, it is important to work with a clinician whose identities are different from their own. When possible, we do our best to honor these requests in service of student growth.


Scope of Services

UCC services are provided by a multidisciplinary staff of licensed mental health professionals including clinical social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, and advanced graduate trainees in various mental health disciplines. The UCC offers a variety of culturally responsive mental health services to a large and diverse student body utilizing a personalized care model.

The Personalized Care Model utilizes a multimodal approach to help students connect with available resources, supports and services that appropriately match their needs. This model strives to:

  • Ensure access to care by providing a wide range of services & programs
  • Build upon and utilize students’ strengths & resources
  • Increase students’ resilience and overall wellness
Eligibility of Services

All students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled at the University, registered for classes and having paid the Wellness Fee, are eligible for our services. Faculty and staff are eligible for consultation and outreach services only. Services are free for enrolled students. Please note: psychological assessment services are offered for a fee.
During the summer, University students not registered for classes during the summer term, but who were registered for classes the previous spring term and plan to register for classes for the fall term and who have paid the Summer Wellness Fee, are eligible for services. Please note that we do not accept referrals for court-mandated assessment or clinical services.

Common Presenting Concerns

• Mild to moderate anxiety and depression
• Adjustment and developmental concerns
• Interpersonal concerns (friends, family, roommates, romantic partnerships)
• Self-esteem concerns
• Concerns related to the transition to college
• Identity development related to various dimensions of identity (sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, gender, etc.)
• Acute concerns related to sexual violence/misconduct (i.e. sexual assault-rape, harassment, dating violence and stalking)
• Mild to moderate substance use concerns
• Academic, employment and career related concerns

Documentation Requests

We do not provide documentation to support a reduction in academic course load, academic accommodations, withdrawal from classes, or grade adjustments (e.g., I or G grades) to new clients. If you require such documentation, you are advised to obtain letters of support from mental health professionals or medical providers who have been involved directly in your mental health care for the relevant time period. We may provide documentation regarding your mental health only when you have been receiving on-going treatment at the UCC during the relevant time period.

We also do not provide documentation for Emotional Support Animals.

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