Wellness Education & Outreach

Mental health education is a vital part of a much wider public health responsibility – a responsibility that drives the University Counseling Center’s Wellness Education & Outreach programming.
We offer a number of Wellness Education & Outreach programs, including Workshops, Support Spaces, “Let’s Talk”, and Outreach Requests.
Please see below to learn more about available Wellness Education & Outreach services and programs.


Workshops and Support Spaces
The UCC is happy to offer a number of virtual and in-person Workshops and Support Spaces to support our students.Click here to learn more about UCC Workshops and Support Spaces!

Let’s Talk
“Let’s Talk” is a drop-in service that offers informal, confidential consultation with a counselor from the University of Pittsburgh Wellness Center. “Let’s Talk” services are offered in-person and virtually. Students can utilize “Let’s Talk” to speak briefly with a counselor about concerns; get help problem-solving; and/or learn more about services at the University of Pittsburgh Wellness Center and other campus resources. Visit our Let’s Talk page for additional information.

Peak Performance Services
The UCC is offering students and student groups the opportunity to learn and develop mental skills to consistently perform at your peak levels, enhance confidence and resiliency, and to achieve your best – whether you’re on stage, on the field or in the classroom. We aim to help you reach your goals, enhance optimal performance, and to improve overall well-being on a consistent basis. Visit our Peak Performance Services page for more information.

Outreach Requests
Outreach Requests are interactive programs/presentations focused on building specific skills for a wide variety of mental health topics. Outreach requests can be made by faculty, staff and organized student groups. We have a robust offering of comprehensive programs and presentations, and will work with you to customize the program/presentation to meet your organization’s needs.
UCC Clinicians are also available to facilitate tabling events, participate in panel discussions/events, and provide mental health-related trainings.
Please click here to submit an Outreach Request.
Please note: Outreach requests must be submitted one month in advance.

Support Emotional Well-Being at Pitt
Student well-being is a shared responsibility – one that requires each member of the Pitt community to equip themselves with knowledge and skills to effectively support our diverse student body. The UCC is offering a number of ways for members of the Pitt community to enhance their knowledge and skills in supporting the emotional well-being of students. Click here to learn more!

Pitt Grit
At one point or another, we will all face challenges, obstacles and failure. Grit is a major predictor of overcoming such challenges and becoming successful. PITT GRIT was launched in Fall 2019 to help students find their grit through storytelling, education and outreach services. Visit the Pitt Grit page for additional information.

Active Minds – Peer Education Programs
Active Minds at the University of Pittsburgh is a peer-based mental health advocacy organization with the mission to reduce mental health stigma on college campuses. Active Minds offers Peer Education programs, developed by students for students. Materials are reviewed and supported by the national nonprofit Active Minds and our advisor from the University Counseling Center. Click here to learn more about Active Minds Peer Education Programs!