For Graduate & Professional Students


Connect with the University Counseling Center
If you are interested in engaging in UCC services or seeking support for the first time, please utilize Virtual Drop-In Services by contacting 412-648-7930, Monday-Friday from 9a-4p.
Graduate/Professional Student-Specific Services
Counseling Groups:

  • Graduate Student Support: For only graduate students, this group is ideal for exploring personal, academic, and practical challenges that can affect your work in graduate school.
  • Understanding Self and Others – Graduate Students Only: This group can be a valuable way for members to learn about how they experience others and how others experience them. Such experiences can enhance members’ abilities to create and sustain satisfying relationships and manage the variety of challenges that often arise in relationships, whether they be with friends, classmates, co-workers, supervisors, partners, or family members.

Visit Our Services page to learn more about additional services available for Graduate & Professional Students.
Connecting with an Off-Campus Provider
Finding an Off-Campus Provider
Thriving Campus Help Guide
Graduate and Professional Student Health Plans
Self-Care for Graduate & Professional Students

  • Stay connected to loved ones and friends
  • Regularly practice gratitude
  • Maintain a healthy sleep schedule and balanced diet
  • Engage in pleasurable activities
  • Declutter your space regularly

Tips for Supporting Student Well-Being
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