Named after esteemed Pitt Chancellor Emeritus Mark A. Nordenberg, Nordy’s Place is a multi-purpose quick food service event space. It is located in the William Pitt Union on the ground floor right next to Schenley Café. During the day, Nordy’s Place is a place for students to study, hang out, and use recreational equipment. They sell food and beverages on a daily basis, from hot chocolate to hot dogs. Whether you like sweet or salty, Nordy’s Place has a tasty treat for you.


Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday 10am-11pm
Thursday-Saturday 10am-12am
Sunday 4pm-10pm
Summer Closed
Holidays Closed

At night, Nordy’s Place transforms into an event venue that hosts a variety of Student Organizations and Nordy’s Place sponsored events. They also house Pitt Billiards Club’s Weekly Meet-ups and Pitt Tonight’s Collegiate and Comedians! You never know what you may find at Nordy’s Place. From open mics to gaming nights, Nordy’s Place is the place to be!


Snack Bar

Assorted Gum $1.25 K-Cup Beverages $1.25 10oz Soda $1.25 12oz Soda $1.75
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel $2.00 Pretzel $2.00 16oz ICEE $2.00 Choco Taco $2.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich $2.50 King Cone $2.50 Kit Kat King Size $2.50 Klondike Original $2.50
Mike and Ike’s $2.50 Peanut M&M box $2.50 Plain M&M box $2.50 Pretzel with Cheese $2.50
Reese’s Pieces Theater Box $2.50 Skittle Peg Pack $2.50 Swedish Fish Peg Pack $2.50 Sour Patch Kids $2.50
Twix Ice Cream Bar $2.50 Twizzlers Theater Box $2.50


Late Night Menu

*From 6pm until one hour before we close*
Churro $1.50 Funnel cake $1.50
Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel $2.00 Pretzel $2.00
Funnel Cake With Ice Cream $2.50 Large Pepperoni Roll $2.50
Pretzel With Cheese $2.50 Ice Cream Sundae $3.00
Root Beer Floats $3.00 4 Boneless Wings $3.00
5 Mozzarella Sticks $3.00


Nordy’s Food Packages

  • Form must be submitted a minimum of TWO (2) weeks prior to the event.
  • Completed forms can either be turned into Reservations or emailed to
  • Food is prepared on a per person basis and cannot be ordered for events before 6:00pm.
  • Nordy’s must remain open to the public at all times.
  • Use of recreational equipment is included for all undergraduate programs. For non-undergraduate events, recreational equipment may be rented using the “Game Night” package in the form below.


Click here for forms and more information about Nordy’s Food Packages.


Recreational Equipment

*Does not to apply to Pitt Undergrad Students*
Foosball $1.00 per 30 minutes
Pool $3.00 per hour
Table Tennis $3.00 per hour


Nordy’s Policies

  • We do not sign out our equipment during events hosted in Nordy’s.
  • We have easels and whiteboards that can be used during your event with a valid Pitt ID
  • We ask that all of our equipment be returned 15 minutes prior of the start time for the event.
  • Outside food and drinks are prohibited during events.
  • Nordy’s remains open to the public during events.