PittServes is a University-wide initiative that engages students in meaningful service to the community on a local, national and international scale. Our focus on sustainability, education and community development allows us to increase student community service and broaden our impact as a university. Visit the PittServes Volunteer Portal to learn more about ways to be involved in one-time or re-occurring service projects, start your own service initiatives, or engage as a community partner.


PittServes is a catalyst for students and communities to engage in action that creates impactful change.


To achieve resilient and equitable communities and inspire civically minded individuals.



Advocacy: We strive to amplify the voices of our community.

Collaboration: We believe in inclusive, mutually-beneficial, respectful and reciprocal relationships.

Disruption: We provide the tools to challenge and change preconceived systems.

Education: We encourage critical learning through the expansion of knowledge

Engagement: We create, promote and engage in ethical, meaningful action.

Humility: We acknowledge the importance of the past and cultural injustices to inform our actions to create a better future.

Innovation & Creativity: We support innovative and diverse ideas by creating space and connections.

Transparency: We build trust by practicing open and honest communication.

Social Justice: We value the understanding of the importance of equity and access in our work and communities.

Sustainability: We work towards a world that is environmentally resilient, socially just, and economically stable.




Shenay Jeffrey
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Kristy Giandomenico
Assistant Director
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Chelsea Singleton
Administrative Coordinator
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Sydney O'Hara
Civic and Community Advising Program Manager
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Emily McKain
Jumpstart Site Manager
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Kim Goldstein
Jumpstart Site Manager
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Kaed Rende
Graduate Student Assistant, PittVotes Initiative
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Mariah Nablo
Alternative Spring Break and Outreach Coordinator
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