New Student Ambassadors

Our mission as the New Student Ambassadors is to guide and support the Pitt community toward growth and progress. Through sharing our personal experiences, we strive to highlight the opportunities and benefits of a Pitt education and inspire and empower students to reach their full potential.

Why Join?

Pitt New Student Ambassadors are known for their high enthusiasm, involvement, and passion for their community. This is a paid position on campus, and to maintain the University of Pittsburgh New Student Ambassador Program's high standard of service, students who wish to join the program must complete and submit the New Student Ambassador Application.

Once selected, applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Upon being offered a position as a New Student Ambassador, students must complete the necessary program training and background check process before becoming paid student employees. This opportunity not only allows students to support the future of Pitt but also provides them with professional development and training that will equip them to represent the University at various events, on social media, and more. New Student Ambassadors are instrumental in shaping the Pitt experience for others while also providing personal and professional benefits for themselves.

Build Pitt’s Future:

  • Campus Leadership and Pittsburgh Showcasing: Act as a campus leader, spotlighting Pitt's vibrant campus life and the unique advantages of Pittsburgh to prospective students and families.
  • Personal Story Sharing: Engage with students and families to share my personal journey and reasons for choosing Pitt, helping them connect with the university experience on a more personal level.
  • Academic Guidance and Student Life Insights: Address inquiries about academics, the richness of student life, and the diverse opportunities available on and off campus.
  • Experiential Highlights: Showcase your involvement in co-op experiences, study abroad programs, Honors College engagements, undergraduate internships, and research, demonstrating the multifaceted opportunities for personal and academic growth.
  • Campus and City Living: Illustrate life both on and off-campus, emphasizing the vibrant campus community and the richness of living in Pittsburgh.

Build Your Future:

  • Pitt Representation and Student Leadership: Serve as a prominent student leader, representing Pitt's values and community.
  • Resume Enhancement: Gain practical experience in public speaking, event planning, and leadership, adding value to my resume and skill set.
  • Leadership Development: Cultivate essential leadership skills and mentorship abilities, contributing to the growth and success of fellow Student Ambassadors.
  • Community and Networking: Form enduring friendships with a community of like-minded New Student Ambassadors, bonding over shared experiences and a shared commitment to Pitt's future.
  • Special Social Engagements: Enjoy exclusive social events while engaging with other Ambassadors, fostering a supportive and fun environment within the program.

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Advisor Contact

Glen Edward, M.Ed. 
Office of New Student Programs, Program Coordinator 
Email: | Phone:  412-624-8734