WPU Information Desk


Visit one of the student unions’ Information Desks, located on the main floor of the William Pitt Union and the main floor of the O’Hara Student Center. We are here to assist you with questions about the student unions, campus, and sometimes even the city of Pittsburgh!





William Pitt Union Information Desk services include:

Lost and Found


  • Items are kept for up to 30 days
  • We do not keep articles of clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes, food, or earbuds
  • Lost Pitt ID's are immediately turned in to Panther Central
  • If we do not have your item, the Pitt Police station is the official lost and found center for the University of Pittsburgh
Will Call

Will Call services are available for anyone affiliated with the university.

Key Sign Out
  • An activity pass and your Pitt ID are required to check out a key
  • To request an activity pass, visit here
  • Banner space must be reserved in EMS for the duration of the hanging. Space can be reserved for up to 14 days.
  • Banner hanging costs approximately $310
  • Banners must be provided by the event sponsor with appropriate dimensions and include grommets along the top of the banner as well as in all four corners
    • Fifth Avenue side of the building dimensions:
      • 12 ft long x 3 ft wide
  • Banners should be dropped off at the William Pitt Union information desk a MINIMUM of one day prior to hanging.
  • Banner hanging should be coordinated by the event host and building management.
Sandwich Boards & Yard Signs
  • Sandwich boards and yard signs must be provided by the department or student organization
  • Signs cannot be placed in university planters nor block egress.
    • Designated areas will be discussed with the Reservations team.
  • Organizations may not have more than 2 sandwich boards and/or 4 yard signs in any one location (i.e. Quad, WPU Plaza, Bigelow lawn,  etc...)
  • Signs may be posted for a total of 14 days and must be taken down immediately following any advertised event's conclusion.
  • Signs cannot be commercial or retail-based.
    • This includes apartment rentals, job openings, etc...
  • Signs in a foreign language must provide at least one copy in English.
Upcoming Events Bulletin Boards
  • Anyone affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh may turn in 2 copies of flyers to be hung on the building's lower level.
  • Flyers cannot be commercial or retail-based.
    • This includes apartment rentals, job openings, etc...
  • Flyers will be reviewed by the William Pitt Union staff before being hung for appropriate language and content.
    • Flyers containing a foreign language must provide at least 1 copy in English.
  • Flyers must contain:
    • Contact information
    • University student organization or department name
    • Full details of the event including time, date, and location
  • Easels
  • Stanchions
  • Dollys
  • Wheelchair
  • Pianos
    • The upright piano located in the Jazz Hall is rentable
    • Pianos cannot be rented out prior to classes concluding in the building (5 PM) on weekdays
    • Additional pianos may be used for practice in the Music Building






Additional Services


William Pitt Union

Fitness Center

Click here to see campus Fitness Center Hours.

Schenley Café

On the Lower Level of the William Pitt Union you can enjoy the following eateries:

  • True Burger (Burgers, Fries)
  • CrEATe (Salads)
  • Ft. Pitt Subs (Sandwiches, Wraps)
  • PA Taco (tacos)
  • Wicked Pie (pizza)

Please see Pitt Eats website for updated hours.

Open Student Space
  • Reflection Room on the 3rd floor open during business hours
  • Collaborative and Quiet Study Rooms on the 3rd floor are open during business hours.
  • 9th floor lounge is open during business hours
  • Dance Studio open studio time: The Dance Studio is available for individual practice by stopping at the information desk.  If we do not have an upcoming reservation, you may use the space as long as you fill out a Day-Of Reservation form.
  • Pitt IT Computer and Printing Station on main floor. If printer is not working, contact 412-624-4357
  • PNC Bank and Citizens Bank ATMs on main and lower level
  • Campus and outgoing mailboxes




O’Hara Student Center


Check out our Thriftsburgh site for more information.

Student Organization Office Space and Storage

SGB currently offers free office space in the O’Hara Student Center to help student groups accomplish their mission. This gives organizations that provide a significant amount for the student populace an opportunity to not only store materials, but also have a place to meet and collaborate with other groups.

There are a total of 10 office spaces in O’Hara, each includes a desk with overhang storage. Office space lasts from the beginning of the academic year through the summer. Specific move-in and move-out dates are to be determined by SGB and all SORC-registered organizations will be notified.

For more information, click here.

Educational Services and Resources

O'Hara is home to various educational resources such as the Math Assistance Center (MAC), and the Student Writing Center.






William Pitt Union

The William Pitt Union (WPU) was originally built in 1898 as the Hotel Schenley, which was considered by many as the “class hotel" of the 20th century. After being sold to the University in 1956, the building originally served as both a men’s dormitory and a student union. In 1980, the WPU underwent major renovation and expansion efforts in response to Pitt’s growing student population. However, the building still features much of its original Louis XV architecture. Although it has great historical significance, the WPU continues to evolve in order to serve the ever-changing needs of our diverse student body. Read more about our history or watch a video.

O'Hara Student Center

Formerly known as the Concordia Club, the O’Hara Student Center is a three-story student union, housing both academic and student activity programs. After being acquired by the University in 2009, the building underwent major renovations to more effectively accommodate student events and meetings. The first floor includes space for studying and socializing, along with a dining room that doubles as meeting space. Meanwhile, the second floor boasts a 450-person-capacity ballroom. The O’Hara also houses the Math Assistance Center, the Freshmen Program, and the Writing Center. To watch a video about our services at the O'Hara Student Center click here.