All organizations are eligible to maintain financial accounts through the SORC Business Office.  These accounts are used to manage organization funds whether they are raised by the organization themselves (private funds) or allocated by a governance organization (allocated funds).  All account deposits and withdrawals are initiated in the SORC.


Private Funds

Private funds consist of any dues, donations or fundraising brought in by the organization themselves. The SORC accepts cash and check deposits during normal business hours. Checks must be made out to the University of Pittsburgh. Once funds are deposited, they are immediately made available to the organization to spend.


Donations/Fundraising:  Student organizations are eligible to fundraise through events and solicitations.  Fundraising events include bake sales, fashion shows, services, etc. that are non-tax deductible.  Solicitations are written requests to individuals or businesses for in-kind, tax deductible donations.  The Student Organization Solicitation and Fundraising Events Guidelines outline these types of fundraising and the procedures.


Student organizations must complete and submit the Student Organization Solicitation and Fundraising Approval Form according to the deadlines indicated on the form.  For more information regarding fundraising and the Division of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement’s efforts to assist student organizations, please contact Katie Edmundowicz.


Any Donations cannot be deposited through the SORC office. Donations must be brought to the Division of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement at 128 N Craig St.


Allocated Funds

Undergraduate Organizations:  The Student Government Board (SGB) is the governing body for all undergraduate student organizations.  Allocations can be obtained from the SGB Allocations Committee through the annual budget process or the weekly supplemental process.  Details are available on the SGB Allocations Committee website.


Graduate Organizations:  The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) is the governing body for all graduate students and organizations.  Graduate students pay a semesterly activities fee where 50% is distributed to GPSG for general graduate student programming and the remaining 50% is distributed to the governance organization of each student’s specific school (ex: School of Medicine Student Executive Council).


Graduate student organizations should always first pursue funding from their graduate school’s governance group (i.e. law school organizations would first seek funding from the Student Bar Association at the School of Law). However, organizations can request for supplemental funding from GPSG on a per program basis.  Any student organization not affiliated with a specific graduate or professional school (ex: cultural student organizations) should petition GPSG solely for funding.


Mini-grant Programs

There are multiple University entities that offer mini-grants for specific organization programming.  See below for current mini-grant programs being offered and how to apply.  If approved, grant funds will be transferred to your student organization financial account for use.