Forms & Policies



Pizza & Concessions

Pizza Order Form  (Fillable PDF - use Adobe for best results. Please verify Sorrento's business hours before submitting a request. Guest list must be submitted to within 24 hours of your event.)

SORC Food Concession Form (Fillable PDF - use Adobe for best results)

SORC Balloon Concession Form (Fillable PDF - use Adobe for best results)

Event Planning

Local Travel Policies

Authorization for Student Organization Use of a University Vehicle. MUST be submitted at least 5 business days in advance for trips less than 250 miles one-way, or 10 business days in advance for trips over 250 miles one-way.

Vehicle Rental Advisor Acceptance Form

Charter Bus Requests

International Travel Policy




Contract Templates

Click here for information regarding different contract templates.

Contract Waiver

Per the Guidelines for Registered Student Organization Contracts, student organizations now have the ability to submit a Contract Waiver Form (click here for directions) for speaker engagements only.  Please read the Guidelines to determine if your event qualifies for a waiver.  Contract waivers must also be submitted 21 days prior to your event.

Additional Documents

Please read this page to find out what additional documents are required for your contract.




Event Scheduling Guidelines
Political Campaign Activity

The Division of Student Affairs has created a Q&A regarding student organization activities surrounding political campaigns.  Please see the Notice on Political Campaign Activity.  This information is also included in the Requirements for Registration section of the Registration Guidelines.

Posting and Chalking Guidelines
University Hazing Policy