Service Project Kits

The Office of PittServes is dedicated to finding new options and resources for students to fulfill their service passions. If you’re looking for something to fulfill service requirements with your student organization, or want to blow off some steam or bond with your friends in a new way, check out our Do It Yourself (DIY) Service Boxes.

Our DIY Service Project Kits are the perfect fit for your floor, club or group meetings. Each kit is available for pickup through the Office of PittServes with at least two weeks of advance notice. Kits are available on a first come, first served basis. Kits must be returned the next business day after your project date.

Service Project Kits will be available on October 1, 2023.

Available DIY Service Boxes 

Encouragement Bracelets DIY Box

The encouragement Bracelets will be donated to the Children’s Institute. The Children’s Institute helps nearly 9,000 children and families each year reach their full potential through educational services, autism services, outpatient physical and behavioral health services, early intervention, and family support services. Encouragement bracelets are bracelets that we decorate with colorful beads and a short encouraging quote to help the children and families throughout their journey.

Duct Tape Bags DIY Box

The Duct Tape Bags will be donated to North Hills Community Outreach and BTC Center, Inc. The North Hills Community Outreach is a community- and interfaith-based organization addressing the needs of people in crisis, hardship and poverty. BTC Center Inc. works to protect the public health and safety of Homewood and the broader Allegheny County community. Both organizations house food pantries to alleviate food insecurity in the community. The Duct Tape bags will be used by those who rely on the food pantries for grocery shopping and provide a useful, reusable method of transporting their goods.

Worry Dolls DIY Box

Worry Dolls are also known as Trouble Dolls and originate from Guatemala. Children would tell their worries to the dolls and place them under their pillows so that the dolls can hold their worries instead of them. These Worry Dolls would take their worries away and help the children sleep more peacefully. The Worry Dolls that you create through this DIY project are being donated to Casa San Jose, which is a non-profit organization that serves as a base of support for the Latino community in Pittsburgh.

Paracord Lanyards for Veterans DIY Box

The Paracord Lanyards will be donated to the Veterans Leadership Program. This veteran-centric program provides essential services to veterans and their families. The lanyards will be distributed to the many veterans and active military personnel relying on this organization’s work. These lanyards serve many purposes including being used to hang IV bags from a tree, securing camouflage nets, or making a sling. 

Request a DIY Service Box

Questions? Email the Student Civic Engagement Council at