Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Dr. Emiola Oriola



I want our students to feel like Pitt is their home away from home; a place where they can learn, make mistakes, and continue to grow as whole, complex, fruitful, and worthy individuals, in their own skin. I want them to know that we will meet and love them where they are at, without judgement, but won’t leave them there. Let’s journey together!
Sherdina Harper
Assistant Director, Inclusion & Belonging



I want our students to feel comfortable when they walk through the door, bringing their authentic personalities and cultures with them! We celebrate it all!
Kyoungah Lee
Assistant Director, International Programs



I want our students to feel embraced as who they are and feel empowered to reach their potential using their strengths to be a positive influence, and I believe a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.
Ali Hoefnagel
Coordinator, LGBTQ+



I want our students to feel and experience joy and connection as we progress toward reliable and radical gender equality at Pitt. I want our students to feel championed by the Office of Inclusion and Belonging.
Maya Best
Program Coordinator, International Programming



I want my students to feel that their voices are being uplifted and heard, and to be able to retain pride and feel safe in their cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, racial/ethnic/gender identities, ages, and economic backgrounds. I believe that students are the strongest asset to the university and by creating spaces for them to share their insights and experiences, we can best work against the challenges that prevent them from reaching their maximum potentials.
Coming Soon
Program Coordinator, BIPOC