Inclusion and Belonging

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

We take pride in our LGBTQIA+ community at Pitt and aim to create safe spaces and support the success of our queer/trans students as valued members of the Pitt community.

Our Mission: An Inclusive Campus

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to supporting and sustaining an inclusive and equitable campus environment — one that welcomes, values and embraces the diverse perspectives of community members of all sexual orientation, gender identities and gender expressions.

Our Undergraduate LGBTQIA+ Serving Student Organizations

  • Rainbow Alliance
  • Homeless Queer Youth Action Group
  • T is For
  • PRISM at Pitt
  • Please visit the LGBTQIA+ website for up to date information on queer student groups, programming, and happenings around campus.

Our Programs Include

  • Lavender Graduation: a graduation celebration for our graduating LGBTQIA students
  • Queer Panther Pop Ups
  • Queer Panther College Connections
  • Allyship and Queer Competency Trainings