Involvement & Student Unions Staff

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Director of Involvement and Student Unions
Headshot of a smiling woman with brown curly hair in a short-sleeved paisley shirt. Abby Bair
Program Coordinator of Advising and Growth
Headshot of a woman with shoulder-length curly honey-blonde hair in a gray heather bolero and black top. Tina Bollman
Manager of Financial Affairs
Headshot of a smiling woman with short gray hair in a blue Pitt shirt. Karen Butler
Office Manager of Student Organization Resource Center
Assistant Director of PITT ARTS
Headshot of a smiling brunette woman in a dark navy blouse and pendant necklace. Amber Greenbaum
Assistant Director, Special Events & Initiatives
Headshot of a man in a charcoal and blue Pitt branded polo shirt. Dylan Kovac
Manager of Operations
Headshot of a smiling woman with wavy black hair. Dianne Mares
Account Specialist
Headshot of a smiling blonde woman in a black button down and chunky red beaded necklace. Lynne Miller
Associate Director, Leadership Development
Headshot of a smiling mustached man in a gray argyle sweater and collared shirt. Tom Misuraca
Associate Director of Campus Programs
Headshot of a smiling woman with loose curly brown hair in a black blazer and black shirt. Therese Pitman
Assistant Director of Leadership Development
Program Manager, Scholarship Programs
Headshot of smiling woman with long straight brown hair in a turquoise v neck shirt. Katy Tufts
Associate Director of Student Unions
Headshot of a smiling man in a patterned white button down shirt. Michael Tulak
Senior Assistant Director for Production and Technology
Headshot of smiling man in a light blue button down shirt. William Westley
Assistant Director, Night Operations