Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about student conduct policies and procedures? Check out our FAQ list below or reach out to a student conduct staff member at 412-648-7910. 

What is the Student Code of Conduct, to whom does it apply, and how can I access it? 

The Student Code of Conduct is a set of expectations by which all Pitt students are required to abide. It applies to all students, including undergraduates, graduates, full-time and part-time. The Student Code of Conduct provides information on behavioral expectations and outlines the process used to address Violations of these expectations. All students are expected to familiarize themselves with and are required to abide by the provisions of the current Code.

I was involved in an incident of misconduct. What can I expect? 

A Hearing Officer will reach out to schedule a Level I hearing or disciplinary conference to talk to you about what happened and, through that conversation, determine what, if any, violations of the Code of Conduct occurred.

What is the policy about incidents that occurred off campus? 

The University of Pittsburgh expects students to conduct themselves in accordance with the law and Student Code of Conduct. Student behavior off campus that may have violated any local, state, or federal law, or yields a complaint from others alleging law violations or student misconduct will be reviewed by the University.

Can I be held accountable to the Code of Conduct if I was found not guilty in court? 

Yes. The student conduct process addresses your obligations to University of Pittsburgh and the Student Code of Conduct. Therefore, whether or not you are found guilty in court has no impact on the University’s conduct process.

How can I report an incident?

To report any incident that you believe may be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Complete a conduct referral. If this is an emergency, please contact University Police at 412-624-2121 or 911.

How do I request a conduct record check or government background check?

Please email the form/request to The form/request will be completed as soon as is possible. Please be sure to include your name, contact information, name of institution or agency that is requesting the clearance and the email or physical address where the form needs to be sent or complete the request form online.

What other services are offered by the Office of Student Conduct? 

Office of Student Conduct can help you access student services including counseling, alcohol and drug education programs, mediation and conflict resolution. Please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 412-648-7910 or to discuss how we can help connect you with what you need.

What is Student Conduct's Mission?

The mission of Student Conduct is to process violations of the Student Code of Conduct. By processing these violations, we seek to provide a safe learning environment and opportunities for students to learn from their own behavior and the behavior of others. Student Conduct supports this mission, the values identified in the Pitt Promise, and the educational mission of the University of Pittsburgh by:

  • Developing, disseminating, and enforcing campus regulations
  • Providing a fair and consistent conduct process
  • Assessment as normative practice
  • Mentoring students through meaningful interactions
  • Educating students about the effects of their behavior on themselves and those around them
  • Promoting healthy decisions
  • Fostering safe and inclusive communities both on and off campus
  • Connecting students with support services in order to encourage their personal, social, and academic growth
  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and the campus community to manage and address conduct matters