Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services supports the audio-visual and technical needs of the Division of Student Affairs along with student organizations and administrative units across the University of Pittsburgh’s Oakland campus. We provide audio, video, lighting, streaming, and hybrid equipment as well as trained staff to support over 3,000 events per year. Whether you are planning weekly club meetings, a concert, lecture series, or anything in between, our professional staff and crew are here to support your vision and make your event a success.


Technical Requests

Start a request for technical equipment or support here: SA Tech Request Form

If you need an audio/visual service for a registered Pitt course, please contact Classroom Services.

After receiving the request, a member of the Technical Services team will contact you to confirm your request or ask for more details.


Not sure what to request? Check out some of the equipment and support options available from Technical Services below, or contact our office directly at or 412-648-7821.

Technical Services Request and Support Training Video

Equipment and Services and Options

(Pricing listed is for University Departments and Academic Centers)

  • All events requiring technical support will be charged labor depending on event needs.
Microphone Vocal, Instrument $20
Wireless Microphone Handheld, Lapel $25
Portable Sound System Speakers, Mixer $75
Projector/Screen Built-in or Portable $100
85″Flatscreen TV Portable $100
Large 9′ x 16′ Screen with Projector $150
Laptop Computer $70
Video Camera Streaming/Recording Package $145
Installed Theatrical Lighting WPU Assembly Room $50
Portable Lighting Various applications $50 – $100
Support Services
A/V Technician Labor – set/break $40/hr
Audio Mixing $40/hr
Video Operator Recording or Livestreaming $40/hr
Stage Crew $40/hr




Requesting technical support is the responsibility of the person(s) organizing the event.

Completing a room reservation in EMS does not include Technical Services.

Requesting technical support is the responsibility of the person(s) organizing the event. Completing a room reservation in EMS does not include technical services.

Technical Services requests must be made directly to our office and not through the WPU Reservations Office. Begin your technical request here: SA Tech Request Form

Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. All requests for equipment and staffing must be confirmed by Technical Services staff.


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to directly notify Technical Services when an event is cancelled. University units failing to cancel a reservation prior to the event date may be charged all related labor and equipment rental fees.

Student organizations failing to cancel a reservation prior to the event date may lose technical services privileges.

Equipment Use

Only the technician assigned to the event is allowed to operate the audio/visual equipment.

Damages to, or loss of, equipment caused by the client will be billed to the account number provided.

The costs for all equipment rental and labor are charged to the account number provided. Documentation of these charges is provided upon request. 

Organizations from outside the University paying for services for a University co-sponsored event cannot be billed directly. Charges must be billed to the University unit co-sponsoring the event.

Certain events may require an audio-visual technician on site. Appropriate fees may apply.


All student organizations certified through the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), are provided with technical support at no charge, but must follow the same guidelines as set forth through these policies.

Events involving live entertainment, (e.g. concerts, fashion shows, talent shows and plays, etc.) require an extra level of coordination between the client and Technical Services. It is also necessary for the event coordinator to contact the Technical Services one month prior to the event to set up a meeting to discuss the event.

Technical Services

Technical Services FAQ

How do I reserve technical services for an event in WPU/OSC?

Contact tech services at or call 412-648-7821.

How do I reserve technical services in a classroom?

The Unions’ Technical Services staff do not oversee the classrooms. Please reach out to Center for Teaching and Learning at 412-624-3335.

What equipment can Technical Services offer?

Projector, screen, laptop, audio cables, microphone (wireless, wired, or lapel), DVD deck. Visit Technical Services for pricing information.

Does your building have Wifi?

If you are a current Pitt student, faculty, or staff member you can connect to the Pitt WiFi. If you are not a member of the Pitt community, guest wifi information can be found at

Can’t I just plug in to the A/V equipment in the meeting rooms?

We recently upgraded the equipment on the 5th and 8th floors and they now require technical assistance. Please request technical services through