SFZ Classes and Workshops


Due to COVID-19 the Stress Free Zone will continue operating remotely for the Spring Semester, 2021.    But we are still offering classes!

SFZ Mindful Moment
Take time to reduce your stress with the Stress Free Zone for a Mindful Moment.   There are a number of benefits to practicing mindfulness meditation, including reducing stress.   Each session is scheduled for a half hour but the meditation portion will be between 15-20 minutes long.

Tuesdays at 9p.m.
Register for Tuesdays Mindful Moments here:

Thursdays at 2p.m.
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Participate in an hour of yoga to take time to simply breathe and move your body.   No experience needed for this All Levels yoga class – beginners and seasoned yogis are welcome.   Use your yoga mat if you have one, or a towel, and set yourself up somewhere with little distractions.
It is 100% your choice to turn your camera on during a yoga class.   But when most cameras are off it makes it extremely difficult to teach.   Yoga teachers read your bodies to see if our cues or the sequence is making sense.   When we can’t see you we don’t know how to make adjustments to make the class better.

BONUS Pitt Self Care Day Yoga Class
Tuesday, February 23, 2p.m. with Hallie Stotsky
Register Here:    https://pitt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUqc-GrrDItH9Oyl4-9fVmHerHJio_nTtDu

Mondays at 8p.m.
Register for Mondays Classes here:    https://pitt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAodOGsqTIvGNyMBh9AJPg8uYE9yl8Q5aB6

Thursdays at 6p.m.
Register for Thursdays classes here:    https://pitt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJclcOiorTsjHNVawtguUIcWd9ZEmiwXI5za