Pharmacy Patient Links


The University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy now offers an option for online prescription refills and transfers through PocketRx.   You can register your account with the pharmacy by using the links below.   The PocketRx mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.   The pharmacy can always be reached by phone at 412-383-1850.

Use the links provided below to begin taking advantage of this online pharmacy service.

Create Account or Sign In
Create a PocketRx account and download the app to your mobile device.   PocketRx allows you to submit refills requests directly to the pharmacy from your phone and securely message the pharmacy with any questions you may have.
CLICK HERE to start Create Account or Sign In.

Prescription Refill
Submit a prescription refill request to the pharmacy.   You will need the prescription Rx number from your University Pharmacy label.   CLICK HERE for an example.    Please include your mobile number if you would like us to text you with any questions or concerns.   Please allow 24 hours for your prescription to be ready.
CLICK HERE to start Prescription Refill.

Transfer a Prescription
You can initiate prescription transfers to the University Pharmacy by clicking on the link below.
We will need the name of each medication you would like transferred and name and phone number of your pharmacy.   Please include your mobile phone number in the Notes to Pharmacy section.   We can use this number to securely message you if any additional information is needed.   Please note that transfers may take several days to complete depending on the time of year.
CLICK HERE to start Transfer a Prescription.