Online Portal Services

The University of Pittsburgh Student Health Service is now offering Telemedicine and In-Person appointments to students, effective Monday, July 13, 2020.

Please call the Student Health Service during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM (Summer hours), to schedule an appointment.   To ensure the health and safety of our staff and our students, all appointment must be scheduled ahead of time.   At this time, we will no longer offer unscheduled appointments …

Online Appointment Management (self scheduling) is not available at this time.

The Student Health Service provides a variety of Online Portal Services to all students of our Oakland Campus thru the Student Health Service Student Portal site.   This allows students to have access to certain Student Health Service functions anytime and anywhere that students need them via an approved web browser.   The Student Health Service Student Portal site can also be found from inside the University student portal by searching for “Student Health Service Student Portal”.

Getting Started

Please review the following pre-requisites and guidelines pertaining to University student portal sites and Online Student Health before you attempt to use any of the Online Portal Services that we offer.

Using the Online Student Health

Students can now do the following through the Student Health Online Portal:

CLICK HERE  if you want to use alternative methods to Online Portal Services.