PEAR I and 2

PEAR 1 and 2

PEAR (Personal Education, Assistance, and Referral) programs are education services available to assist University of Pittsburgh Students in exploring the many aspects of alcohol use and personal decision-making.   PEAR classes offered by the Office of Health Education and Promotion may be used to fulfill educational requirements assigned by the University as part of a sanction for an alcohol policy violation.

PEAR classes are only held during the regular academic year.   There are no classes held during the summer term.

How To Register For PEAR I

To register for PEAR 1 ONLY, please follow the link below, or call the Office of Health Education and Promotion at 412-383-1830 during our regular business hours (M-F 8:30am-5pm).

If you need to reschedule or change your class date, you MUST call the Office of Health Education and Promotion. Do NOT submit another Qualtrics form unless instructed to do so by our office.

CLICK HERE to register for a PEAR 1 class.

Once registered, students are expected to attend all sessions and complete in a timely manner.   To reschedule a class or meeting, students MUST contact the Office of Health Education and Promotion prior to their scheduled appointment or class time by calling 412-383-1830.   Failure to comply with attendance or cancellation policies will result in a fine or no show fee being applied.

*Please note: PEAR 1 and PEAR 2 are educational courses only and are not intended to fulfil a mandated drug or alcohol assessment or counseling ordered by the court.   Classes are limited to University of Pittsburgh students at this time.*



PEAR 1 is for first time alcohol violations, consisting of:

  • ONE (1) three hour class
  • ONE (1) 30 minute one-on-one meeting with the facilitator
  • Homework assignments
  • Pre- and Post-assessments

PEAR 1 is led by graduate-level assistants and staff, and focuses on topics such as alcohol and the body, alcohol emergencies and the health, social, and legal risks of drinking.   Group discussion also covers reducing high risk drinking and exploring possible consequences.

Preparing For Your Class

  1. Complete the required pre-assessment before the start of your class.   This will be emailed to you within 48 hours of class date.
  2. Arrive a few minutes early to prepare.   Classes are held in the Wellness Center at 119 University Place, Floor 2 in Nordenberg Hall.   Please use the Wellness Center entrance on University Place, take the stairs to the main lobby and follow the sign to the Health Education Conference Room.
  3. Refer to your specific class registration to determine the time and facilitator for your course.

Lateness to class is not tolerated.   Arrive a few minutes early to avoid $50.00 no-show fines.   Any student who fails to complete any aspect of the course will be required to start the course again from the beginning.   Students sanctioned by the university to complete who do not satisfactorily complete the course will have a judicial hold placed on their account until such completion has been achieved.



PEAR 2 is for second time violation and consists of:

  • 2 – 3 one hour meetings with the professional Health Educator
  • Homework assignments

PEAR 2 explores individual decisions around drinking behavior and action planning to reduce high risk consumption.

How To Register for PEAR 2

To register for PEAR 2, please call the Office of Health Education and Promotion at 412-383-1830 during our regular business hours (M-F 8:30am-5pm).

Staff will contact you about your request and to schedule your class or meeting.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Health Education and Promotion at 412-383-1830 during regular business hours.