MJ101 and MJ102

MJ101 and MJ102

Marijuana 101 (MJ101) and Marijuana 102 (MJ102) are educational services available to assist University of Pittsburgh students in exploring aspects of marijuana and its use.   MJ classes from the Office of Health Education and Promotion are used to fulfil educational requirements assigned by the University as part of a marijuana violation sanction.   It may also be taken voluntarily.

MJ101 is for first time policy violations.   It consists of a one time, two hour class followed by a one time, one hour, one-on-one meeting with the facilitator in the following week.   MJ101 is conducted by the professional Health Educator, but may also be conducted by graduate level interns at the Office of Health Education and Promotion.   MJ101 focuses on topics like marijuana and the body, as well as health, social and legal risks of its use.

MJ102, for second violations, consists of 2-3, one-on-one meetings with a professional Health Educator.   Each meeting is scheduled for an hour in length.   MJ102 permits students to explore reasons behind their use and decision making skills.

Both MJ101 and MJ102 require homework assignments in addition to class or meeting.   Marijuana classes are only held during the regular academic year.

Please note: MJ101 and MJ102 are educational courses only and are not intended to fulfil a mandated drug assessment or counseling ordered by the court.   Classes are limited to University of Pittsburgh students at this time.

To register for MJ101 or MJ102, please call the Office of Health Education and Promotion at 412-383-1830 during our regular business hours (M-F 8:30am-5pm).   You can also complete our online contact form.   CLICK HERE to go to form.

Staff will contact you about your request and to schedule your class or meeting.

Once registered for MJ101 or MJ102, students are expected to attend all sessions and complete in a timely manner.   To reschedule a class or meeting, students must contact the Office of Health Education and Promotion prior to their scheduled appointment or class time by calling 412-383-1830.   Failure to comply with attendance or cancellation policies will result in a fine or no show fee being applied.