EverFi Online Modules

Online Required Modules

All incoming undergraduate students are required to complete “AlcoholEdu”, “Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates”, and “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Students”.
Some other modules may be required to be completed by students for a sanction and/or for training purposes.   Please see below for more information.

How do I access the modules?

These modules are now available through Vector LMS- Higher Education Edition.   To access modules:
1.  Log in using Pitt’s Vector LMS URL: https://pittstudents-pa.vectorlmsedu.com
2.  Log in using your Pitt username and information
If you are having trouble logging in, please email AOD@pitt.edu.

These modules will open around mid-July for incoming fall students, and mid-December for students who are starting in the spring.   When the program opens, students should receive an email with a link to access the program.    If you have questions about the modules will be available or about how to access, please email AOD@pitt.edu for assistance.   Be sure to include your 7 digit people soft ID number in your email, and specify if you are an incoming freshman or incoming transfer student.

What if I am having trouble accessing the program or having technical issues?

If you are student having troubles accessing your account, or if the modules are not accessible in your dashboard, please email staff directly at AOD@pitt.edu.   We will reply to issues or concerns as soon as we can during our regular business hours (M-F 8:30a-5p).   Please be sure to include your people soft student ID number in your email.

A note on GreekEdu:
If you are a student trying to access GreekEdu, please note that this program is not managed through our office so we are not able to assist with account issues for this module.   We suggest contacting the organization that requested you to complete it for assistance if you are having trouble accessing GreekEdu.

What are the deadlines to complete the mandated programs for incoming students?

The three, required modules (AlcoholEdu, Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) are due no later than January 20, 2023.   If the module is not showing in your account, please email AOD@pitt.edu with your people soft number and Pitt email address to assist you. 

There are two, brief follow up modules that are also required for AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates.   These second parts automatically become available after a pre-set intersession in the program.   The program should automatically notify you when the brief follow up modules are available and what the deadline is, based on when you completed the first sections of the modules.

I am a transfer student who has completed these (or similar) programs. Do I need to retake it for Pitt?

Transfer students who have completed online education module(s) from EverFi, or another equivalent online pre-matriculation program, can contact us to request an exemption.   Students must email documentation (proof of completion) to AOD@pitt.edu before the deadline.   Documentation will be reviewed and the student will be notified if it meets the requirements and/or if they are required to complete any of the module(s).

Please note that accepted documentation includes a copy of a completion certificate, a screen shot from a program showing completion and/or a letter from your previous institution confirming completion.   Documentation must have your name, the name(s) of the program or module, and an indication that it was completed.   Sending documentation does not guarantee an exemption.   Staff will review and confirm the status with the student.   If the program content is not comparable to the EverFi program and/or if the content cannot be confirmed, students may still be required to complete the module(s).

I completed these programs previously at Pitt, and need documentation. How do I access it?

The Office of Health Education and Promotion is able to access records from fall 2019-present.   For records for past Campus Clarity or EverFi programs prior to the 2019-2020 academic term, please contact EverFi directly for assistance.

I was required to complete AlcoholEdu for Sanctions, how do I access it?

Students who are found responsible for an alcohol violation at the University of Pittsburgh may be mandated by a conduct officer to complete AlcoholEdu for Sanctions.   If the program is not visible in your account, or if you have questions about the completion date or requirements, please contact the Student Conduct Office for assistance.  

What other modules can be completed by students?

In addition to the mandated modules for students, EverFi offers a number of additional online modules that are available for students including:   Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention; AlcoholEdu for Ongoing Education; Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students; Sexual Assault Prevention for Adult Learners; Sexual Assault Prevention for Ongoing Education; Diversity, Inclusion and Equity for Students; and Mental Well-being for Students.

If a student wishes to complete one of these on their own as a training, they can contact us at AOD@pitt.edu to get the program set up.   Please be sure to include your people soft number in your email.

Additionally, these trainings are also available to be used as training for student groups and organizations, and some departments even use them for student staff training.   If you’d like to discuss how these programs can be used for your organization, please email us at AOD@pitt.edu.