Welcome to the SHARE Office

Welcome to the Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education, also known as SHARE.   Sexual harassment and sexual violence have no place on our campus.   To help advance our goal of eradicating sexual misconduct, SHARE offers resources to help all members of our University community report, cope with, and prevent incidents of sexual misconduct or assault.


COVID-19 offers unique challenges for those whom have experienced any trauma, particularly when violence &/ abuse occurs within a person’s home. If you feel unsafe in your home, know that you are not alone. Help is still available. Stress can be a trigger and trauma responses can re-emerge. This does not mean you have taken a step backward. Healing is not a linear process and it is ok to not be ok. Support is available.
During challenging times, self-care is critical. Reach out to trusted supports via Facetime, phone, or chat. Develop a grounding practice to try to check in with your mind and body and stay in the present. Eat healthy and nutritious food, move your body, and sleep when you can. Journal write, play music, and focus on small, manageable tasks that provide you with a sense of achievement and focus. YouTube offers many free guided relaxation and grounding exercises.
While the University Counseling center is now operating remotely, we are still here for students. If you are in distress, please contact 412-648-7930 to speak directly with a UCC clinician. For urgent mental health needs, call re:solve at 1-888-7-YOU-CAN (796-8226).

Community resources are also available:

  • PAAR is operating its 24/7 Helpline (Phone crisis services) & Text/chat-line as normal.
  • The Women’s Center and Shelter is operating it’s 24/7 Helpline as normal and they are available to provide support and safety planning.
  • RAINN can provide online and phone support nationally and will direct people to their local area for referrals.
  • National Domestic Hotline is fully operational and can offer 24/7 online and phone support. They will fully safety plan with a person via text in case that person is unable to access another method, due to lack of safety.