Dani Soltis

Coordinator of Clinical Services, Clinical Staff

Dani currently serves as the Coordinator for Clinical Services and the lead clinician for the Next STEP program that helps students with more longer-term therapy needs get connected to resources in the community. Dani holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University and a MEd in Counseling from the University of Houston. They recently completed their doctoral internship at the UCC as well. Dani has strong clinical and research interests in the well -being of those with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, and has clinical expertise in identity exploration, transition-related concerns, coming out concerns, and ways to cope with LGBTQIA+ minority stress. They also have experience providing clinical care to those who identify as polyamorous, kinky, asexual and/or aromantic. Dani works to combat sizeism and weight bias, and they practice from a weight-neutral paradigm. They are also committed to providing affirming care for those who are navigating their identities as disabled, gifted, or plural. Dani’s style of therapy is integrative and empowerment based, drawing from liberation, feminist/multicultural, internal family systems, and acceptance and commitment therapy practices. In their free time, Dani enjoys indoor gardening, PC/video gaming, and lounging with their two cats.