Barb Ruprecht

Director of Administration

Barbara Ruprecht has served as Director of Administration since March 2022. Prior to this role, she served in Student Affairs since January 2014 as Director of the Office of Student Conduct. Under her leadership, the Student Conduct office worked to advance the division’s mission by updating and improving practices and policies; creating a student conduct peer-review board; creating a student-friendly Code of Conduct by revising confusing language, condensing the number of violations, and removing non-inclusive language; creating bias and process trainings for hearing officers; integrating all conduct violations at Pitt campuses into one data system; and standardizing the Code across all campuses. 

Since June 2021, she served as the Interim Director of Administration, assisting in change management and implementing institutional budget reforms. Ruprecht has over 37 years of administrative and legal experience and holds a JD from Duquesne University School of Law and a BS in Journalism from University of Oregon.

Prior to working at Pitt, Barb was an attorney at law for 20 years and worked previously as a legal researcher, a production assistant, and a news producer.