Study spots on campus

The Best Study Spots Around Campus

Finals season is here! Finals can be hard, but finding the perfect place to study doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re tired of studying at Hillman or can’t seem to find an empty space to study, here is a list of six places that will provide you with the perfect setting to help prepare for your exams.

Frick Fine Arts Library

Located on the first floor of the Frick Fine Arts building, this quaint library covered with windows and bookshelves that extend the ceiling provides a sophisticated setting for you to focus on whatever you may be studying. A small number of large tables and single desks fill the room to make it the perfect quiet study space.

WPU 9th Floor Study Lounge

Long couches, comfortable chairs, and a variety of tables in this quiet study lounge create a cozy atmosphere. Best of all, this location offers perfect views of the Cathedral of Learning and Fifth Avenue when you need a break from looking at your books and computer screen.

Carnegie Library

Located a short distance from campus, the Carnegie Library features many different study rooms. Whether you want to study in a wide-open area with high ceilings and long tables or at a desk tucked between bookshelves, the Carnegie Library has all of these options and more for you to choose from.

Petersen Events Center

Not only does the Petersen Event Center provide a place to eat and exercise, but also a place to study. The large tables and many windows make this relaxed study space the perfect spot to review for your exams with friends on sunny days.  

Wesley W. Posvar Hall

The newly renovated floors of Posvar Hall feature a variety of comfortable study spaces. The first floor offers a variety of quiet study rooms and the second floor offers an open study space. These are both great places to study with groups and individually. Choose the floor that best fits your studying needs.

Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning

The Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning provide an array of worldly atmospheres and are great for studying with friends. These rooms feature plenty of seating and chalkboard space for you to do practice problems.
By: Jennifer Wallace